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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
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It's like a dream come true: I'm flying west on Thursday to visit Steamer (Rob) in Comox on the island, who has been babysitting (and tinkering with) my new baby: a C4 ('94) Polo Green 'vert. which he helped me find, and getting her ready for the 4600 kilometer trek back to Ontario. -- Thanks Steamer!:D

The "tinkering" involved checking everything (and by the sounds of it he checked everything) on his hoist and fixing a loose trans. pan that had been left loose while in the shop for trans oil and filter.
He checked everything so closely he even found the hard to reach build sheets from 1994 when she was made at the 'vette plant in Bowling Green!
That's provenance most could only dream of -- He found it for me up on top of the gas tank under a hold-down strap while repairing the electric antenna thru a rear taillight. :D

Between looking after the delivery of the car, storing it, checking its roadworthiness, talking to the registry/insurance people, taking phone numbers, making many phonecalls on my behalf, travelling to various places to finalize the deal, and dong all the legwork for our trip back including checking on roads, and ferries.....Steamer has really done a yeoman's job and gone way above and beyond for me.
I'm one lucky fella I'll say. I big hearty Cheers to Steamer for sure. :D

We'll rest up while doing a little looking around locally in the valley, after visiting the registry office on Friday, and head back in the '94 starting Sunday morning. Steamer has had the pleasure of driving it a little and says she's ship-shape and ready for our 'voyage' to Ontario. When I get there it'll be my first time seeing it and driving it tho driving it won't start until Sunday when we leave for Calgary. I'm so looking forward to that too. A C4 has been a long time coming and now she's almost here.:D

A ferry ride back to the mainland will start the trek early Sunday morning, then on to beyond Calgary after briefly stopping to change drivers on Chilliwack road and to see Al and Liz (NewC5er) (sorry Al: the chat will only be a few minutes -- must get the 650 miles in per day which won't allow much stopping.) But we will see you at least for a few minutes. Will be nice to put a face to the name..:D -- I wish we could stop more and see many others but it's just not possible this time around anyway.

A stopover the other side of Calgary will take us into day 2 which means the long trek across the prairies to Brandon.

After a night in Brandon we head into day 3 which should see us get to Thunder Bay.

Day 4 starts at Thunder Bay and takes us to Espanola (ON) for a final stopover. Day 5 starts with a short trip from Espanola to South Baymouth to catch the early ferry to Tobermory which is about 3 hours from Fergus where Steamer is staying and a further hour or less for me to get to my home in Cambridge..

Approximately 4600 kilometers in 5 days total. That'll be the longest drive for me ever in one go. Previous trips have included our east coast, Florida, and shorter trips to Indiana, Kentucky, and Mass..

Going to be a great trip with a great guy: Steamer.

Steamer, I couldn't have done it without, you my man -- you've been so great I can't thank you enough for all that you've done. I owe you big time my friend and I very much appreciate all the legwork you've put into this trip and into my purchasing the car.

Muchos Gracias Senor -- for all you've done and for making this trip possible for me.

Steamer tells me that we can update our progress as we go with his laptop so we won't be out of touch too long.

We will enjoy keeping all of you up to date with our progress.

So wish us luck (should we need it) and bon voyage -- and wish me well with my first plane ride in 15 years.
Once I get to Comox it'll be all downhill from there as the saying goes.....:D

Watch for the updates: I head to Comox this coming Thursday the 22nd and should be home in Cambridge by the afternoon of Thursday Aug. 29th.

Colin.. congrats on the new-to-you Corvette.
..and like Doug said.. "A road trip with a buddy"...It don't get any better.
I'm off to Edmonton tomorrow or I would have driven out to Chilliwack to meet you, Al/Liz & Rob.

Have a great trip. motor safely..
Sounds like a great trip and that the car is ready to go! I'm excited for you guys!!!

Keep me posted on your progress! When are you coming through Saskatchewan? I'm trying to figure out if I will be in Regina as it's my brother's 40th birthday on Tuesday.
Sounds like a great trip and that the car is ready to go! I'm excited for you guys!!!

Keep me posted on your progress! When are you coming through Saskatchewan? I'm trying to figure out if I will be in Regina as it's my brother's 40th birthday on Tuesday.

Many thanks Gents -- Riley -- If my calculations are correct we should be rolling thru Regina about 2pm on Monday (26th). We'll know more accurately once in the Calgary stopover. I'll post from there in here. If you could make a 'roadside hand shake' like Al & Liz (NewC5'er) that would be super....

Again I'll say, tho, that we have about 1100 km per day to do and we'll be lucky to average 100kph -- which means a good solid 11 to 12 hours per day driving.

Check here Monday morning Riley. I realize that most won't be anywhere near where we go thru and the TOD will probably be a no-go anyway. Let's see how it plays out.

Both Steamer and I have commitments at our destinations that will restrict our stops.....hope everyone understands..... :D

Cheers, and in case I forgot, you've all been terrific, especially in the last few months when it's been a wee bit of a bump in the road for me.
I'm very grateful to you all for your support.

Good morning Colin,

Just found the thread and so the story. Sounds like you're living your life well for an experience like this! You're still keeping the GS though I hope!

Any plans for the new C4 or stock stock stock?

CB will be happy to have company when you are home!

What memories you two will have from this!


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hey cco. 306-631-0230 i'm in beautiful moose jaw, give me a call and if i'm not at work I would love to buy you a coffee. Shayne. my phone is always on as I work oncall for the railroad. if i'm at work my phine will be off. caronport is 20 minutes from moose jaw, that would be a good spot to call/text from, if it's within your timeframe
Have a great trip Colin!!!

I am half-time in Calgary over the coming days. Please give me a call if you're in town when I am, dinner might occur!--or at least a coffee or meet-up. PM for my cell number. I leave for Cagary today (Friday, and will be there tonight). You might have already been gone by then--but who knows!
Hi Guys, just checking in from Calgary. This was a very long day starting at 4am this morning. Caught the 6:15 ferry from Nanaimo and arrived in Van. at 8am. Made real good time to Kamloops but after that lost about an hour do to trucks and construction in the mountains. Made Calgary at around 7:15 and went for supper. It's now 10:45 and we're done for the day. Catch you tomorrow.
Colin and Rob
Sounds like everything is goign without a hitch so far and the weather must be great. Have I missed something - you're on your way back home now but I haven't seen a picture yet of the reason for the trip - did I miss it or are there C4 vert images yet to be posted so we can ogle your new prize??


Rob, appreciate you stopping by the house with Colin. It was great to meet you Colin. Enjoyed our conversations that evening before you both set out on your cross country trip. Hope all is well with you two and enjoying the trip out east. Look forward to hearing more as you progress.
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