Aug 25, 2019
2015 2LT Z51
Hi all. We just got back from a trip to the Vernon/ Kelowna area yesterday, and as we travelled, I was mentally counting the various generations of Corvettes we spotted. I must say, the C8’s were hands down the most Vettes we spotted. We saw more of them than all other generations combined! We even saw a C8.R…I didn‘t think those were on the road (especially here in Canada) but there it was, sitting pretty at the Kelowna golf and country club.
The C8’s have indeed taken over.
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Made a ~500 km trip today in the Edmonton/Sherwood Park/Ft Sask area and ran into 1 C8, a Rapid Blue SR. Rapid Blue is now my second favorite color. Still doesn't come close to a C7Z in Sebring Orange tho 😉. Seen a bunch of C3's today. One had a blower sticking up about 4' above the Looked mean and fast....😂
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