corvette c8

  1. nKuch

    Featured 1LT interior leather review + White seats

    We've gotten lots of questions about our white seats over the past few months so we decided to make a video on it. For those not interested in watching the video, there's definitely some wear and darkening on the white GT1 seats after 10 months and 8000km's. All the darker spots managed to come...
  2. nKuch

    Massive Corvette C8 Meetup

    Looking to host a small event on the weekend for all corvette C8 owners in the GTA area (Saturday or Sunday based on weather). As many of you know, I own a youtube channel with my brother called Daily Downshift. We want to get as many Corvette C8's together as possible to shoot a video showing...
  3. nKuch

    Question Aftermarket Springs/Coils

    Anyone here in Canada purchase aftermarket springs or a coil over system for the C8? Curious if there's a big difference between the FE1/FE3 and the aftermarket stuff.
  4. nKuch

    Group Buy Buying C8 Carbon Flash High Wing Spoiler ($1500)

    Paying $1500 cash, new or used. Pay for shipping or I'll pick up. GM announced they're out of stock for now because of supply shortages.. no chance I'm leaving my rear end naked for the rest of summer. HIT ME UP.
  5. nKuch

    Question C8 vehicle cover?

    Where can I buy a C8 specific car cover? Being in Canada, would I need to go through a dealership to buy one or are there any 3rd party companies selling their own versions? Any purchase links would be appreciated!
  6. nKuch

    Question Tint C8 rear cabin glass and/or engine glass?

    Trying to figure out what makes more sense, tinting the rear cabin glass or the engine glass... or both?! Glare is definitely an issue, but I think tinting both would make it impossible to see out the rear video mirror. Has anyone tinted their C8 and if so, what configuration did you go for?
  7. nKuch

    MRR aint playing around, their wheels are EPIC on the C8!

    Just in case some of you don't wish to watch the video, I'll sum it up and post some pics. We recently got MRR FS06's sent to us (rotary forged, not fully forged) and we managed to save 12lbs all around compared to the OEM base wheels GM supplies with the car. MRR FS06's: Rears (20x11) -...
  8. nKuch

    Looks like the C8 is immune to getting tickets..

    We were doing some launch control runs in our non Z51 C8 shortly after getting it broken in and we got the cops called on us! Surprisingly we got out of the situation with just a warning and no tickets.. Looks like the C8 has some sort of special immunity to tickets :p
  9. nKuch

    Question Panel Misalignment, normal on C7/C8's?

    Hey folks! I recently became aware of a horribly misaligned body panel on my C8 (right fender) and was wondering if this is common on C7/C8's.. Any input is greatly appreciated! Also, is this something my dealership can fix? Here's the video if you'd like to see a close up of the bad right...
  10. nKuch

    Guide Vinyl Wrapped C8 Roof (Front Hood to Engine Window)

    Hey folks, thought I'd share my video with you all to show you how a corvette c8 looks with a gloss black vinyl wrapped roof. This was our very first time attempting a wrap, and for being amateur, I'd say it turned out pretty good! Saved quite a lot of money not selecting any factory roof...
  11. nKuch

    Guide Here's EXACTLY what you get for $59,995 USD on the corvette c8!

    Hey folks, it took us quite some time to film and edit this video but it's finally here. We thought it would be pretty informative to show potential buyers exactly what you get for the base price of $59,995. Of course, our specific vehicle is slightly more expensive but that's just because of...
  12. nKuch

    Taking delivery of my 1LT Corvette C8!

    Hey folks, first and foremost I'd like to apologize to anyone who got their TPW's and builds delayed due to the virus that's affecting the whole world right now. My brother and I were extremely lucky to have this car built before the factory shut down and shipped + delivered before the border...
  13. nKuch

    TPW to Delivery Timeline

    I was just curious how long folks thing it will take after build week for the car to be delivered. I know the first batches will have some extended quality control but as mine is march 9th I don’t think I should worry.. When should I expect delivery if it ends up being built that week? All...
  14. Vets1stvet

    Making order advice

    I’m going in tomorrow to place my order for my C8. I realize it will likely be for a 2021 but I was wondering if anyone had advice when working with the dealership and the salesperson. Are there any questions I should be asking or information they should be giving me. I’ve bought many cars but...
  15. nKuch

    Aftermarket C8 Rims?

    Dealer just informed me that I have a build date of March 9th! Super excited and caught off guard by the early date. Now I need to start researching different parts as I'm planning on heavily modifying the car. Are there any good brands with C8 rim options already?
  16. nKuch

    C8 Production Questions

    Wanted to ask a bunch of questions I had in mind in regards to the C8 production timeline. Firstly, when do workers go back to the bowling green plant from their holiday break? Subsequently, when will the first round of C8's go down the production line? Lastly, how long will it take for GM...
  17. nKuch

    Question Corvette C8 1LT Constraints?

    My dealer informed me today that he'd be "extremely surprised if any 1lts get built in phase one" as GM is losing money on them. He also told me that if I wanted one sooner I'd need to move up to 2LT. My question to all of you is have you been told something similar to this by your dealership...
  18. Magneeeto

    Hello from Toronto! - hopefully soon-to-be first-time Corvette owner

    Hey all, i've been reading content on this forum for a few weeks now. Figured its time I join a few discussions! I'm an ex- Camaro SS owner and am considering purchasing my first Corvette. It's looking like its going to be the new C8 coupe. I have a few options between M2, M3, Model3, or the...
  19. nKuch

    Any Allocations left in Canada?

    I'm looking for some help from the community here, has anyone heard of any dealerships anywhere in Canada that have allocations? Willing to buy it and have the car shipped to me as long as I can get it early in 2020. Heck, I'd even buy an allocation off somebody looking to get rid of it. Any...
  20. Nik

    Promoted Corvette C8 Canadian Dealer Availability Info and Pricing

    I'd like to dedicate a sticky thread (and dedicated new chatroom) to any info on Canadian Dealer availability for the Corvette C8 as well as Canadian pricing, options and delivery dates. Corvette C8 Canadian Build and Price page is now up...