Aug 10, 2019
G87 in transit
My dealer informed me today that he'd be "extremely surprised if any 1lts get built in phase one" as GM is losing money on them. He also told me that if I wanted one sooner I'd need to move up to 2LT.

My question to all of you is have you been told something similar to this by your dealership, and if not does anyone have a build week already assigned for a 1LT spec?

Thanks ahead of time for the replies folks!
"GM is losing money on [1LT Corvettes]" is speculation. Things might point in that direction, but just like GM executives saying all 2020 Corvettes are sold out, it's not necessarily the truth.

The 1LT is constrained with no word on when it will be lifted. The only people who might know this are the people who control the scheduling of production and the people above them.

No dealership is going to get you an answer for this they would be willing to put money on.

As with everything else 2020 Corvette related, we're just going to have to wait and see what happens.
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