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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good afternoon everyone,

Well celebration time is getting closer. The car HAS arrived in Edmonton - I just confirmed this with the shipping company. But it is a good thing that I did not go storming down there like an idiot to take possession as while the car is in Edmonton, CN has not off-loaded it from the railcar yet! And apparently it could still be "a day or two yet". They don't know by what schedule CN goes by or the order in which the cars are unloaded etc.

Maybe they are taking turns joyriding it, I can't say that I would blame them now could I??

So the transport company could be calling me today yet, tomorrow, or even Friday. And if it was Friday as long as it was by say 10am and I was packed (which I will be!) I could make it there by mid-afternoon.

And no, the transport company is not open on weekends.

I might go out of my mind if I have to wait to next week. I'd LOVE a weekend in Edmonton with this car to cruise Whyte and Jasper Ave!!!!

I could drive down and sleep beside the railway tracks and talk longingly to the car through the fence I suppose. I hope it does not think that I have foresaken it..........

So that is about all I can tell you. Close but no cigar as they say!


Pins and needles time for sure! I actually started to look for a place to stay when I am in Edmonton. I'm off to look at a plot so I'll be away from teh phone for most of the day so I might leave tonight but expect morel ikely if the cal came today to be leaving tomorrow morning. It probably will be tomorrow though as the forecast is for showers for Saturday and Sunday - not the sort of weather I'd be hoping for but I'll make thebest of it. Besides which, as I have to bed-in the new brake pads I need to be driving in a non-Colin fashion for the first 500 km!!!!

I wonder if any of the Edmonton locals will be able to meet up with me??

But let the end game begin..........


Good evening,

So I spent the day near Grande Prairie counting canola plants to determine their density and no, it is even more mind numbing than you think! But on the plus side it got me out of the house and so I wasn't pacing by the phone waiting for it to ring. But I was sure confident that there would be a message fo rme when I got home.



They must be the same CN crew that took six weeks to unload my last producer car of grain (instead of the more normal two weeks).

Odd how the suffering continues!!

So I have until tomorrow maybe 10 or 11 am and if I don't here from them then no chance until Monday. That is when my son might be returning (which will of course make me so happy!) and I had hoped to make the trip to bring the car home while he was away in Calgary.

So bear with me everyone, no news yet - sorry!


Good morning,

So when I called the transport company they said that CN had not unloaded the car but they would call me when it was available. As I said yesterday when I got back from my plots there was no call. I was surprised. So I just called them and the car has been unloaded and is available for pickup!

Now can I get loaded up and make it there to get the car before 4:30 when they close.......logistically it is a pain as I need to drive out there, get the car and then what do I do with my truck? Plus I need to buy a trailer for it which is a more simple problem to solve........

The weather is not for full time rain but showers and wind until Monday when it gets decent. but my son is due back here next week sometime and it could be if I go now I don't have to use up time with him running around in Edmonton...........

But the car can be picked up!!

Time to think...........



I have plenty of room at chez Vince. Let e know if you need a roof over your head, or a snack. If I am here in town, you're welcome by. I can send you contact info via pm....

Good evening Colin,

Back from Edmonton with the Z06 and yes I drove it back.

The "shippers" managed to put 5 1" scratches into the car so now I get to fill out claims paperwork.

Temp gauges don't work either (scared teh daylights out of me at first!) but it was so nice to drive it again.

Will post a proper reply tomorrow..........1100 km in one day for me is a lot but I know when I wake up tomorrow morning and go outside for exercise and see my baby there it will have been all worth while!


Good morning Vince,

Sorry I missed your posting and thanks for the very kind and generous offer. Perhaps if and when I venture with the car to Edmonton we'll be able to get together!

It is showering to beat the band right now but that is OK as it is good for the crops.

I am hoping the gauge issues will be an easy fix that Manny or Andrew will be able to walk me through. But there is always thelingering fear that it could occur when a real problem does happen - like the high clearance sprayer fan belt breaking this spring like after 4 years of flawless use. So that is why I babied the car on the way home - while the fact that the oil pressure never changed and the coolant reservoir was not filled with boiling collant when I popped teh hood, a non-functioning gauge leaves you with no prompt that you migh tbe having a problem. Last thing I wanted was to damage this engine in the first 500 km of it being home!

I think what bothers me the most about the 5 scratches is that the shippers wouldhave had to have known about one or more, if not all of them. They don't have the guts to step forward to say we had an accident while loading it etc. Instead they keep their mouths shut and hope that you don't notice it at the time you pick it up or within 48 hours and then they are off the hook and you are screwed. Not much honor in people/companies these days to take responsibility for the damages that they do to other people's vehicles it seems Wayne........sort of breaks one's heart and leaves one with just a little bit less faith in the goodness in people/companies to do the right thing.

Just re-indexed the windows - I hate when the battery dies! But after yesterdays trip it seems to be fully charged up again. Just need good weather and a dry road now! But so nice to see it outside and now with my yellow Sentra parked beside it!

Yes, I will try to post pictures but we're probably lucky I am not good at manipulating file size or I would have swamped this forum already!!!!


Just a few thoughts on the trip.

The color added to the interior is totally worth doing. It makes for such a happier, brighter place to be and looks completely factory so great job with that project. The boys did the area around the gearshift/stereo/environment controls, the start button and the right and left sides of the DIC. If you have the solid black colored interior go start picking beer bottles from the ditch and start a fund to pay for this.

The guy that I dropped the car off with at the shipper was the same fellow who was there when I was picking it up. He commented on a few things included "did you lose weight" (!) and "I like your seat covers". I was a bit thrown when he said that the car was overheating though but glad that instead is a gauge problem and not a real mechanical issue - so it seems anyway.

He told me that he stalled the car which I proceeded to do on three occasions myself, which of course as thebattery was still dead required using the key to pop the tuck and then connecting a battery to start it. I realized that my/our problem was probably due to the new gearshift being a lot stiffer and having a strong tendency to stay in 3rd/4th and so you really have to make an effort to go into 1st/2nd - the far left. Once I remembered that it was smooth sailing but I was pretty scared about starting out since I knew if I stalled it again once I hit the road I was on my own. I noticed, at first, that the analog temp gauge was not moving and the car usually warms up pretty quick so I started to get worried, along with the fact that the DIC would flash the overheating warning/AC disabled. And on a day when I could really us AC too, not just because of how hot it rally was but because the fear of stalling and the car actually overheating was adding to my stress levels.

So I called Dad up who had come in with me and he waited for me about 5 minutes ahead and we took a look see under the hood but couldn't find anything remiss. my mood was not helped by being able to get the water temp displayed in the HUD and it being off the scale! So which is right, the analog that shows no temp or the digital that shows it maxed out? Or were they both wrong?? And of course this doesn't happen 5 km from home but 500 km from home, no tools etc. Fun stuff.

But things were pointing to both gauges being wrong and so I decided to start drving home and everything seemed to be OK. I started to relax and was almost sort of glad that there might be a problem as it kept me from fooling around with the car. I just turned on the cruise and proceeded on my way, eventually passing dad and enjoying a nice stretch of 2 way highway.

I had a Challenger come onto the highway just as I was going past Fox Creek and now Colin and Justin would have gotten a laugh out of this. I thought that as I had almost 1/8 of a tank of gas I would be good to go to Valleyview 88 km away and if not I would refuel at Little Smoky. So I started to up my speed to catch the Challenger. Next thing I know my gas gauge is a lot lower than I nexted it to be, I have to fuel in Little Smoky I'm thinking. Only to to find out as I'm going through that the gas station has closed up shop! Now I need to make it to Valleyview which is 34 km away I think. Mom and Dad are still behind me so again I am not worried. I call Mom and let her know that I might run out of gas. She is relaying all this to dad who then asks if I have anything to siphon gas with. This prompts me to ask mom about the 2 gallon gas can in the back of her truck. When she bought her Frontier I bought her booster cables, a good tow rope and a gas can - things you might not need even be needing yourself but you might encounter someone who needs help. Then I find out this real prize piece of info - Dad when and took the gas can out of the back of the truck! Dad hates carrying things like boost cables, tools, tow ropes, gas cans etc. for some really odd reason but as this was mom's truck I thought he'd leave things alone. So now I have the realization that I am running on empty, 34 km from the nearest town and my chase vehicle whihc I thought has a jerrycan doesn't any longer. Remember the earlier comment I made about not having AC working - lets just say I needed it in spades now!!

So I had to let the Challenger pull away but did make it to Valleyview to the Shell station where I fueled up. Looks like I should have been OK as the tank capacity is 68 liters and I was only able to squeeze 62.5 in. But oddly enough it took three tries to start it before it would go and it has previously been a "just touch the key" to get it going car.

While I was filling up an older women came up to me and asked "Is that a Camero?" Well not going to be hitting the hay with this girl........I told her it was a C6 Z06 - insert blank look here - "It's a Corvette" I said. "Oh we passed you on the road and my husband thought it was a new Camero, I really like the color!" Partial redemption occurs.

So then onward home. Going up the bridge over the Little Smoky river some hillbilly in a pickup decides he wants to pass me and for some odd reason I decided to punch the gas and he didn't back off so I downshifted and went WOT and then just caught myself a split second later as I hit 109 mph and he was disappearing in my rear view mirror. he followed me for the next 100 km and pulled off in the town of Peace River but didn't try to pass me again!

It rained at this time too. Of course while it was raining the wipers worked fine but as the rain ended I got sprayed by two semi's I met. Without rain they were still dragging a plume of spray off teh highway - dirty stuff. At this point I also remembered that I don't have a windshield washer fluid system that works anymore!! I'm sure I'll come to enjoy the methanol injection but just not at that moment!!!!! However I shoudl have remembered from my October trip hauling the Z06 to Edmonton that I have skills with using a Windex bottle out of the drivers window, I just didn't have any with me this time......

So the weather cleared, I arrived home exhausted and am now just in recovery mode. Rain again this morning and overcast, cold and a bit of a wind so I don't think I'm going to take the Z06 out today but with luck tomorrow I hope will be nicer and drier.........

There you have it!


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