I'm New Here
May 25, 2016
Edmonton, Alberta
1993 Corvette
Hello, last fall my 1993 Corvette's check engine, brake, and ASR warning lights come on after driving for about 15 minutes. I brought the car to a dealership who advised me that there were no codes showing when they scanned the car (I'm not sure what they meant by that). They later said that they 'think' the ECM and EEPROM need replacing, however, due to the age of the vehicle they were unable to source these parts. The part numbers are:

ECM – 88999183
EEPROM – 16184672

Has anyone else experienced the same issue and did you find a resolution? Or know where I could locate these parts?

I am in the Edmonton area and would also like to bring it elsewhere for a second opinion. I would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions where I could bring the car now that spring is here. Are there any shops in the Edmonton area that someone could recommend?

Thank you for any advice or recommendations.

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