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Feb 5, 2009
1998 C5 / 2015 Z06
LSXtacy's new fast 90 and 90MM TB



Next up the LG Street Series Headers :D
Oh yeah! My baby's under the knife! I can't wait to see the difference in power this spring.:thumbup::cool:

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Any chance we can get a before and after dyno run with a list of all the mods? Installing a Fast 90 on a cammed z06 was something that I kicked around for a loooong time but expected gains were anywhere from 15-40 RWHP and were just too hard to bank on.
My dyno numbers before were 367rwhp and 376 rwtq. That was a couple seasons ago. I'd be extremely happy with breaking 400rwhp, say 420ish.

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Does the back end slide in without having to modify the engine bay/drop the motor?

My 102 didn't quite fit.

With the FAST 90 or 92 they fit right in . For the FAST 102 like I have we used the cradle shims to lower the engine for clearance .
Soooooooooo........ What's the new HP number? We all wanna know!
Fast 90/92 ported, not sure of other mods, but I'll guess 18 - 22 HP..........
It looks so good! I can't wait to hear it! Great job so far guys.

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Wow looks like more power is the order of the day! I can't wait for a group cruise at pickup time!

Lets go circle around the Dodge dealership for fun..........


Velocity, I told myself when I bought my Vette that I wasn't going to go down this road again. I just wanted to do exhaust amd maybe an intake, but now it's turned into so much more although very mild compared to your build (which is killer by the way). I do want to keep my car streetable and I want ilto keep it set up for track (road coarse, think Mosport). I was bit hard by that bug last season. It's so addictive. Thanks for the kind words.

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Good morning LSXtasy,

Seems to be the way of things. Even farming is like that. All the time you thing of ways to improve efficiency with field operations, tweeking and so forth so I guess I should not be surprised that we do the same thing with our cars. All mine had CAI's for example, the old Datsun headers, throttle body and camshaft as well so with a car like this I guess it should be natural to me that it gets even crazier!

I've love to do a proper track road course with the car but I'm not sure how often a trip to Edmonton in the car will be for me. Maybe I ought to do it once? I'm sure if I had an enclose trailer and borrowed my friends dieself pickup it would be easier to do.

I do wonder about the logic of having that kind of hp underfoot and how many times I year I will actually get to expereince it full roar. But then again it is also a case of knowing that I'll be able to stomp on anything I'll encounter on the roads in this neck of the woods and maybe that it also part of what I am looking for - simply the knowledge of that being the case and not that I have to be using it ever mile of road I'm travelling on.

I think it is also a case of degrees. Going from my old 280ZX to the Z06 was 3 times the car power and it was shocking. This in the end might be doubling over stock but I really don't think that I'm prepared for what it is going to be like. I'm going to have to stick a block of wood on the underside of the go peddle to make sure, at first, I get accustomed to what this car will actually do.

I'll have to keep in mind the same thing I told my friend when he drove it. Try not to floor it in 1st gear but if you do please make sure the car is pointed where you want it to go!

Let the sacrificing of the Vipers, Challengers and Chargers begin............


Manny just informed me today that my LG's are in. I can't wait to hear what it sounds like.

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Hey Pyro,

All you need is a banker that loves you! Or to be free of your blood money grubbing ex, either seems to work!

I remember getting my headers for the 280 and what a difference it made, I can't imagine what headers on these types of engines must sound like!

I'm jealous that your spring will come before mine too!

Hopefully Manny will post some nice videos to tide us over until the cars are streetable.


I'm hoping to use my GoPros for a few vids when mine and some other Vettes areon the dyno.

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Can't wait to see and hear them!

I picked up a pair of Gecko camera mounts over the holidays. A double suction cup one for secure external videos and one to mount inside the car/on the helmet if I ever get around to getting a helmet! Should be lots more fun at the autocross events too assuming I'm able to do more of those.


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