Apr 27, 2010
Sherwood Park
1998 roadster 6spd
I know this is probably regional, but where/ how do you change your oil? Mine is due for it's first since I got it and am wondering what to do? Never had to really worry before, but now with this pedigree, I don't want to take any chances...
Well, who knows if someone can suggest a good national chain. I took my car to Great Canadian Oil Change under the recommendation of a friend. I took my own oil and filter and still paid $30 (yikes)! The tires were checked but not set at the recommended pressure (I think they did only as if I wanted my tire pressures checked). So long story short. I'll do it myself now. There are no grease nipples to worry about (or so I was told) so it is nothing more than dumping the oil, filling the filter before installing it and filling it with fresh stuff. However, if someone does recommend a good place, I may reconsider.

I guess I only answered where not to take your car.:rofl:
I read in one of my corvette magazines on changing the oil in a C5. They were saying to do it properly you put the front of the car on ramps and then lift the back of the car and put on jack stands since the oil drain is in the front of the pan. Do any of you C5 guys do this or know anything about this. I was just wondering for informational purposes.


P.S. I do all my oil changes myself on all my vehicles. I guess I have trust issues.
There is truth to the drain plug being at the front of the pan, however, the argument comes in on whether lifting the back of the car is worth the time it takes for the little bit that comes out.
I would like to... but I don't have a lift and only a rinky-dink floor jack. Good for everything but a C5 Corvette! How do you lift yours, Crusher?

I have a Napa Low profile jack. I jack the car at the jack point using a puck on the drivers side. I dont have to go under the car , I reach in from the side , arm and shoulder only under the car--remove the drain plug and filter and there you have it...Done simple :)
Not for nothing but I wouldn't stick ANY part of my body under a car supported by just a hydraulic jack that I wouldn't be prepared to live without. Do it without risks man, 10 minutes of precaution can save you a lifetime of being nick named "lefty".
I hear ya HLN, but would rather have just my arm pinched than a whole 3000 plus pound car crushing my whole body :eek:.....Not that axle support jacks would let go but you never know. Been doing this when I had my IROC.....When I first bought it I would drive the car up on ramps and my whole body was under the car.....then I tried just jacking the side of the car and just stuck with it, a little safer too(just your arm extended under the car . Even if the hydraulic jack let go using my method your arm wont get it because there is a good clearance from the rocker panel and asphalt when the car is level. Just my two cents

I am using Mobil 1 oil by the way SEMIS57
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Thanks guys. I would for sure be putting some kind of jackstands or blocks or ANYTHING to prevent the car from coming down on me. It happened to my late dad a long time ago, so lesson learned and thankfully he came out unscathed.

BTW- If I had the room I would be installing a 4 post lift- they have a pretty good looking one set up at Princess Auto, but I do not have NEARLY enough ceiling height. Too bad because then I wouldn't have to store the car this winter!
I change my own in the '76 with wheel chocks, jack and stands, use Quaker State 10w30 conventional oil. I take the '10 to the dealership and use Mobil 1 5w30 synthetic.

And then I realize I am on the C5 section lol
Just had mine done at Wallace Chev in Milton On.

Got a free oil Change coupon at the Gateway show a few weeks ago. Redeemed it on Wednesday.

Great bunch of people there. The tech did a complete service and check of my Vette.

The Free coupon actually meant Free.
The total value of the Oil Change & Service would have been $119.00.

Gotta love free Stuff.:canada:
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