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Jan 24, 2009
well, i know that we are all busy during summer hours...i know iam, but we should start thinking about an event that we can all go to. the idea that i had last year never really got any attention. so i will say it again. i know that Pike lake is not the best place around but its close and very accessible by all. a sunday would work best i least for me. ofcourse it would be byob. i can supply a large bbq for any cooking. we can also make it a put luck deal where everyone can bring something that they like. in my opinion, this would be a great event to meet all out new members that are near us. please post and give feed back. if this does not interest you please post why so maybe we can come up with another idea that could be more suitable. thanks


ok guys, this is the second time im writing this....thanks to Brent!!

so this is the list i have compiled. if you have any other things that u want to bring let us know.

Burger Buns-Rod
Lots of Ice-?
Fruit ie; watermelon-?
Condiments(ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, hot sauce)-?
Plates/Cups/Cutlery/napkins-Mike make it easier for all, everyone that is coming should ALSO bring one 2 liter pop of there choice.

if there anything missing or you something u would like to bring please do so. oh and BYOB!!!!

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Great idea Rod

I am in for sure Rod it is a good spot and a nice drive... last year it never got much attention only because it was near the end of the season when you thought of it. I am sure it will get a warm welcome this year. I think we should do it early almost as a way to kick off the season...provided it is warm enough.

it would be nice to compile a list of the members interested. i think people would be more interested if they saw that a few people were going. so here is a list of the people that have shown interest so far.

Riley P
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id be up for that sounds liek some fun.... what kind of date would you be looking at.. how long is the drive ??? 0-o been awial since iv been there...also there will have to be lots and lots of beersbie lol
Welcome to the forum! I'll let Rod answer the distance question. I don' think it is that far though. Beersbie! HA! Feel free to introduce yourself in the new users section so people get a chance to say hi.
Yes once you hit the highway it is 15 min's, I used to live out there in a lakefront cabin. It takes 30 min from downtown depending on the traffic on 22nd st. You go out highway #7 for a few km's then turn at the highway #60 Junction and follow it all the way down( do not turn off) it leads directly to the park gates.


I am so excited i think we should do it tonight!!!Who's with me?? I am sure the 6 inches of snow we got today will HELP in building the fire for the hot dogs!!:swear:
I think this would be great. If anyone has car problems on the way I have lots of family in or near Pike Lake who are very good with wrenches. Are we looking mid summer or beginning or what?

I'm seriously considering that one as well......
Now if this winter would take a hike! I can think about getting the car out of storage and we could nail down a date if Pike Lake.
aside from the date for pike lake we should really get some solid ideas about what we are going to do. to recap, the people that are coming are


it would be nice to hear from Dave, vettmad, dbakke and anyone else that wants to come.
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Well depending on the date my car might not even have attempted the back ally mud bog. If so I can throw a BBQ in the truck. If not I'm sure it will fit in your vette. Maybe play some frisbee, that's still cool right?

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