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Apr 23, 2012
Well, to make people feel a little better, or to perhaps just rub it in the collective face of our eastern members, I wanted to let everyone know I saw two Vettes on the road this weekend.

A C7, and a C6 Z06 were both on the way from Calgary to Edmonton--a drive I make weekly.

I'm only saying this, as it's been a long winter, and "the itch" has been lingering quite strong as of late. Soon it will be all of our turns to fire up our beasts, and leave a long track of rubber somewhere nearby.

Looking forward to the sites, sounds, and scents of summer! I can't believe how much snow melted around my parts in the last week. I know we will get more, but the end is in sight!
I'd be out in mine if it were home! Still some snow to melt but the roads are dry. (Performance tires however say that you shouldn't use them at or near freezing temps... so if I were out, it'd be carefully.)
Good morning Gentlemen,

It gives me hope gentlemen! My son and I went for our first bike ride of the year together along with my 2nd 10 km run of the year, 10 sec faster pace than last weekend too! The weather looks good but friggin' snow here this morning when I was taking my son to school, bad enough that at one point visability was down to maybe 200 meters but it cleared but and there was not that much snow in the end.

No sign of any Corvettes yet this year but it should be any time. If I end up close to mine this weekend I might at least start it and take it out of the garage onto the driveway - will that count as a "first drive"??!!

Oh so soon though!

Still awaiting the trailer order form to be emailed to me so I can print it, fax it back and get that happening.


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How about gusting to 54 km/hr, -10 and 10 cm of snow??

Yesterday afternoon I was out running in shorts too!

Maybe in 5 days back up to zero............

Oh well, at least we can be warmed by the change in our policial climate!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pity it wouldn't blow out a few more of them at the same time.............


Calling for 15cm here tonight in my part of Ontario. Might have spring by May at this rate. :swear:
Called for six inches and we got perhaps 2". I cleaned the front walkway and it is dry already. My old buddy Ray called to say that there was a dozen or so wild turkeys in his back yard....No, not Corvette guys. I went over to take some pictures. By the time I got there, there was a huge flock of red wing blackbirds settling into the trees around his house. Sure looking like spring around here in every way except the temperature.
Got a few inches of snow the other day ..... melted..... last night got an inch ... cold and windy but melted anyway........got a couple more nights of deep freeze:mad:, then another warming trend toward next weekend.

Spring is in the air .................................................................somewhere:(
We got a foot here in Midland on Friday night. Makes me want to turn around and head right back down to Florida. Really pi$$ed!
Ok you Alberta guys, your not making me look forward to our flight back to Calgary on Tuesday from Florida, was kinda hoping to see that white s**t gone already ...lol... Saw 3 C7's flying low going the opposite direction on the interstate on Saturday, what sweet looking rides, come on spring
A few days ago we had some tulips starting to push through the ground. I think they got their little butts frozen off in the last few days. I don't see 'real' Spring arriving for a couple of weeks yet. Hope I'm wrong and the double digit forecast for next Sunday will continue and be the start of something permanent.
If any tulips were to try and spring up here in Midland, they would have to be about 6 bloody feet tall before popping out of the snow. The calendar may say spring but somebody forgot to tell mother nature!
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