Well strange as it may seem the rumors are true and the roads are that nice.

The snow in the yard is even probably gone enough to allow me to get to the SeaCan.

The problem you ask? Why isn't Garry out for the first drive of 2015??

Well Garry the Idiot loaned his trailer to his father to bring home some siding which is currently at the north end of the machine shed. The machine shed doors, being on the north side of the she, are sitting in about 6" of ice!

Sadly I am sort of weigh-laid right now otherwise I'd be on my way to PR!!!!! Another return of a problem with lymphodema that has my left arm swelled to about 150% of its normal diameter - honestly the nurses said that they've never seen an arm that swollen followed by the compliment that the chemo treatments were so bad back in 2006/2007 I also have the pride of top five most damaged veins ever! Not much fun with IV drips at the hospital 3 times a day either.

But an early spring could happen as the forecast looks super.

Arm problems might require an 8 speed paddler C7 to nullify the issue!!!!!! SCREW YOU LYMPHODEMIA!


Good afternoon Murray,

Thanks for good vibe and keep it coming!

Ya lymphodema. Sadly it is untreatable outside of either reducing your body's liquid volume or wearing compression garments. It was, outside of the obvious reason, why I opted to go for stomach surgery back three years ago which was providing all sorts of fine benefits including no longer needed to wear a sleeve. It is more just a quality of life issue rather than a serious health issue. I mean I have a temp sleeve on and all I can say is that it ITCHES like crazy right now!!

I am hoping that when I am done fighting off whatever infection I am dealing with that I'll be able to toss it again.

And with luck, most optimistic, 4 weeks until road season and if I have to I'll build a suitable ramp to get the car out if I can't get the trailer out of the shed!!!

You able to get serious road time there????


Hi Garry.

Hey Man.

I was going to abuse you about the slow response to my public trashing of you. I was expecting you to quickly and thoroughly dispatch me on the forum. :D

I am sorry to hear about your troubles and this explains everything. I know you're a positive guy and you will work your way through this too.

Good vibes from me (and my wife ....) to you. :seeya:

I'll drop you a note in advance of my next visit to Peace river. So if there is anything you need from down south please let me know. Cathy and I will be visiting our granddaughter more often this year.

Hey Dick!

Great that you're back in "God's Country" again!

How's your shoulder doing? Making good progress in tossing your beautiful grand daughter up in the air??!!

How is the C7 hunt? Now that I would look forward too - crusing some roads here with me on your "6". maybe this summer yet? Have you finalized the selection process yet? Is there a candidate??

I've also considered an alternate strategy with getting the car out of the SeaCan - start it, warm it up, drop it into "R", side-step the clutch and a brief WOT and bingo! On the road again!

Ya, I'll see how things go with the switch in meds, the sleeve and now that I am getting myself mobile again I should be back to same-old same-old soon. Besides which I never said that this was the least of my problems. The Dr called yesterday and said that they want to have me scheduled for a CT scan. One of the x-rays that they took on Tuesday showed a lesion on my lower right lung and they want to know what that is! Seriously what a cluster f! But oddly I am probably more confident that will turn out to be nothing in the end. I'm thinking it might have been damaged from the chemo back in 2006, one of the four drugs they were giving me had a liking for damaging lung tissue. If you were on it you have to have your lung capacity or oxygen absorption levels checked every tww treatments and if they dropped by a certain amount they had to drop the drug from treatment. But that never happened to me but maybe that is still what is causing the shadow?????

Send the good positive vibes please and if I don't need them right now I'll be happy to bank them up for later!!

But seriously thanks for the strength of fellowship you guys are showing to me, I really do appreciate the kind words you've all said..........


Hey Garry!!!!!

You'll rip this new development in two and be on your way in no time! Spring is a coming! I bet you can hear your car firing up right now! Woooooooo.

Well wishes sent for you during your treatments!
If I was honest I'd admit to watching some of the vids of it on YouTube of some of my autocross runs and drives and also including Manny/Arun's dyno run....................sort of like mood music maybe?

My gut tells me this is going to end up being nothing at all but there is that nagging doubt that always lingers and I can't seem to shake no matter what. That part is teh challenge.

And of course that this starts to change on a Thursday which means there will be no news until after the weekend and sweating weekends is always the most annoying. So I'm meeting a friend to look at some farm equipment tomorrow, we'll have lunch, then to the Multiplex to go on the track (foot!) and probably read. Plus my 2 pm IV least I forget. So keeping busy helps to push it to the back of the mind...........

Get ready to follow the start of the 2015 F1 season, all that fun stuff.


You guys make me blush!

I would say that the only time there is any need for worry is if you hear Manny suddenly bumping projects for a rush job on a 2000 hp TT LS7!

I saw a Dr yesterday who was not satisfied with now things looked and who is trying a different treatment and so we'll see what happens.

I'm more convinced in my lind (probably for peace of mind!) that the leason on the lung is damage from the previous chemo treatment in 2006/07. Considering that the nurses are of the opinion that I have veins that are in the top 5 of worst they've ever seen, well if the chemo drugs did that, is it unreasonable that there was a little lung damage to go with it? So I'm placing my chips in the old lung tissue scar box until I hear otherwise. For sure I hope the CT scan is scheduled quick-like but at least this morning, there is a sort of calmness in my mind.

+2 for today, +8 for tomorrow, 40 km winds = good evaporation!


We know a lady who had a doctor telling her that her cancer was back and he was actually looking at scar tissue from previous treatments. Second opinions are always worthwhile. All doctors didn't pass with 100% and half of them finished in the bottom half of the class......sort of like the rest of us. ;)
Right on Keith! A fine example of how something that appears to be worrisome is not worth losing sleep over. I mean they haven't said it was cancer, just a lesion and they wanted to do a CT scan to see what's what. I can live with that as long as I don't have to wait too long for it. And at the same time since I don't get my normal yearly cancer exam at the Cross Clinic it might be nice to have a bit'o knowledge that all is still 100% clean............


Thanks very much!!

Update is continuing with IV today, assessment tomorrow, met with physio people Tuesday morning for possible left arm exercises to help pump fluid though lymph nodes.

Always seems to be slightly smaller and less red in the morning so sort of hard to say if there had been any progress........

Hummmmm. I've always toyed with the idea of a beater RHD import for fun and shifting with the left hand, maybe now's the time??? I don't think I'll be seeing beer drinking on the list of approved activities though.........!
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