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Aug 1, 2022

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No matter how many events you attend and the various forms of media you consume that are dedicated to a particular vehicle, getting behind the wheel of a car is the only way to truly know whether it’s the right one for you. It’s, therefore, hugely important that any prospective Corvette purchase isn’t completed before conducting a test drive. While it might seem obvious to some, there are many car lovers who snap up a vehicle without seeing if it’s actually for them.

After all, whether it’s a product or a service, prospective buyers are always encouraged to test something before they invest in it. For instance, if you’re about to pay big money for a computer, then it obviously needs to look the part but also possess enough power to handle any gaming adventures, alongside having an interface that is easy to navigate, plus a range of other important factors. Likewise, if you’re interested in the world of trading in an attempt to turn market opportunities into profit, then it’s worth getting to grips with it first through a demo trading account, an opportunity to essentially trade stocks and commodities without using real money. Additionally, people sample food menus before their big wedding day and sip wine in a restaurant before committing to a full bottle. Trying before buying is a normal thing to do.

For Corvette lovers, while there is undoubtedly plenty of excitement around finally getting to own a vehicle they’ve wanted for years, it should still be test-driven before purchase. Some buyers don’t even visit a showroom before buying a vehicle online, with their confidence in a particular manufacturer making a visit feel redundant. It’s certainly a dangerous game to play, though, particularly as every vehicle is generally different, and getting behind the wheel of a car is the only sure-fire way of knowing that a specific model is the one for you. Of course, finally buying your dream car is a memorable occasion, but it still requires strong focus in order to establish whether or not it’s the perfect car for you and your needs.

A test drive is a must

As we’ve already touched on, test-driving a Corvette before committing to a purchase is something that every prospective owner should do. They’re wonderful two-door, two-seater luxury sports cars, but that doesn’t mean that every model, such as the Corvette Stingray, meets your requirements. For example, there’s a chance that the C6 Corvette might be more suited to you and your driving needs while also maybe even offering more comfort. Additionally, it’s worth getting to grips with the way in which the car maneuvers, whether or not it provides a smooth enough driving experience, and if a particular model’s selling points cater to you. Perhaps most crucially of all, though, you can also raise any concerns and gain important feedback from a dealership that could determine whether or not a specific Corvette has stolen your heart. None of this can be done online with any confidence, leaving online buyers largely in the dark before a car is delivered to their door. Given the type of money being spent on a Corvette, it’s not exactly an ideal scenario to find yourself in, is it? A test drive is, therefore, a must.

The types of things to consider on a test drive

For some people, while it makes a great deal of sense to test drive a gorgeous C7 Corvette ZR1 that they’ve had their eye on for a good while, they don’t actually know what to look for in order to help them make a decision on whether or not it’s actually the right Corvette for them. With that in mind, below is a look at the types of things to consider while weighing up whether or not to seal the deal.

Can you afford the car, as well as the monthly running costs?

First and foremost, while many people understandably like the idea of owning a world-famous car, is it actually affordable? According to research, a Chevrolet Corvette, for example, will cost around $7,714 for maintenance and repairs during its first ten years of service. Is that something you can take on? Additionally, can you handle the gas costs and any additional outgoings like insurance? Assess your budget, do some research, ask as many questions as possible, and then go from there. After all, owning a Corvette won’t be fun if it’s eating a hole in your bank account.

Do you feel comfortable and confident driving it?

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Whether you first fell in love with a C8 Corvette in a recent movie or you’ve wanted a C5 Corvette for years after seeing it pictured in a magazine, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the perfect car for you when you get behind the wheel of it for the first time. You should feel comfortable, you should be able to envisage driving it for the foreseeable future, and it should invoke strong feelings of confidence and make you feel good about yourself. In the same way, prospective homeowners get a feeling for a house before buying it, or golfers feel just right in a pair of shoes, you should also feel the same in a Corvette you like the look of.

Have all of your questions been answered?

Once you’ve gained an understanding of the cost of running a particular model and whether or not it feels right, then any other questions or concerns you have should be alleviated by your chosen dealership. If you leave a dealership with more questions than answers, then not only should you consider finding a new car dealer, but the car in question might not be for you, either. Don’t be afraid to ask anything, and make sure you’re given the answers you require. After all, this is an expensive, life-changing purchase we’re talking about here.
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