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Jul 6, 2012
I can't get drivers window to go down. I thought it might be the switch, but I changed switch with other door and still can't get it down. When I press the switch I get an click at the window motor inside the door. Is the motor shot or is there a fix besides getting a new motor
Posting requests for assistance without any details regarding the car year/model and circumstances the failure occurred make it pretty much impossible to help you.
Sorry about lack of info. New to this. Car is a 1980 C3 Corvette, power windows etc. Have had minor problem with window since I purchased the car a year ago. Window has been slow to respond when switch was activated, but it always worked. I was told the switch was bad, so I have ordered a new one, hasn't arrived yet. Yesterday when I tried to open the window but nothing happened.
Today I tried the switch from the passenger window and again unable to open drivers window, all I could hear was a clicking from the area when the power window motor is located.

Hope this of some value.
I would say from experience that it sounds like the motor/regulator has cut out on you. Depends on how picky you are but I would look for a used one most likely and have it on hand when you change the switch. A switch is just a pair of contacts, it's almost impossible for something like a switch to fail slowly over time.

If this is the ONLY electrical problem you're having, that would seem to negate the possibility of a bad ground or something more holistic in the electrical system at this time.

Welcome to the site. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your car!!
I agree! Welcome to the forum Tom! If you are hearing a click, as you probably know, there is power getting to the window and would have to think that it is the regulator/motor as suggested. Does anyone know how to test the volts getting to the motor? Maybe a dirty ground that isn't letting enough power through. The brushes on the window may also be worn.
Thanks for info, I am not a mechanic, just an amateur, this will give a place to start. Appreciate the help
This may sound simplistic, but check the window track for accumulated gunk. The previous owner of my car said that the power windows where slow or not responding at all. He popped the door panels off and found that someone had been over zealous with the lithium grease and had essentially filled the tracks with cement. He cleaned the tracks and the windows go up and down very quickly now!
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