This being my second but more significant problem, I'll make this post to warn others.

I was robbed last night while in my 2023 Corvette convertible, with my top/windows down allowing easy access to the interior of my car. It all ended well: police arrest made and my property recovered undamaged. I didn't have much property taken from me, but it could have ended differently. Regardless, I've learned to at least keep my windows rolled up, while in the downtown core.

Here's a portion of my requested statement to the police:

Around 6:10 p.m. on Wednesday June 28, 2023 I exited my downtown work underground parkade (in my vehicle), heading home. The parkade exit is northbound into the back alley. I was driving a black 2023 Corvette Stingray convertible, with the top and windows down, since it was a beautiful summer day (around 26 degrees Celsius). I turned right and was driving slowly eastbound in the back alley. There were several dumpsters to my left. Someone was throwing out trash, from the area of the dumpsters. A larger silver can was in the middle of the alley, directly in the path of my vehicle such that I couldn't drive around it. I stopped just before the first dumpster closest to me, to move the can so I wouldn’t strike it with the front of my low vehicle. I saw a female sitting between the dumpsters who continued to sporadically throw junk out onto the alley. I got back in my car which I’d left running and had just put it in drive, when an unknown male suddenly and unexpectedly came to my driver’s side, leaned over the door and into the vehicle interior.

He asked me if I knew who owned my vehicle, immediately said it was GM Financial Corporation, then said he was the president of GM Financial Corporation. I asked him to get out of my car. He said he had a gun and told me to exit my car. It was obvious I was driving “his car” and he wanted me out so he could drive it away. I hesitated and he then reached in and grabbed my parkade card that was sitting loose in my vehicle cup holder. After that, he grabbed my sunglasses that I was wearing (black Maui Jim prescription progressive lenses). He then proceeded to dig into his right pant pocket. I recall him having difficulty taking whatever it was out of his pocket (I saw it had an angle shape, catching on his pocket, so it could have been a handgun). When he took it out, he quickly put it to the back of my head and I couldn’t see what it was. He again asked me to get out of my car.

My car was still running and in drive, so I accelerated and turned the corner, parked about 15’ north of the mouth of the alley, with people walking by. I called 911 and told the dispatcher I’d been threatened with a gun, had some things stolen and was the victim of an attempted car-jacking. I then received a couple phone calls from the police, with the last call telling me he’d arrested the thief, recovered my property and told me to meet him at his police cruiser. Once there, I recovered my parkade card and sunglasses, both undamaged. I was told the thief was high on drugs and had no handgun; it was a butane lighter somewhat shaped like a gun.

I had a "similar" incident occur with my 2020 C8 HTC in the summer of 2021: while sitting at a red light (top/windows down; again a ++ hot day out), a male came to my car and leaned over the passenger door. He asked for "spare change". He was well dressed/spoken and didn't look like a street person, so I questioned his need for money. I refused and asked him to get out of my car. He complained, pointing to the car I was driving...but left just as I started to move forward for the green light.

So some "food for thought" for others driving a HTC in an area frequented by street people. I don't recommend driving with your windows down, allowing easy access to your interior and if any other concern, put your top up.
Thanks Black 03 Z06. I tried to canvass the area, to find camera footage before it was overwritten. Surprisingly because of the angles, my building has a loading dock camera that got it all: me stopping, the thief running up to and stopping at my car, then me driving away.
Glad it worked out and you are safe and uninjured. Downtown Edmonton has turned into a s**t hole in the last 10 years. I will keep my opinions on the reasons to myself but that doesn't lessen the reality.

Again thrilled you are ok and thanks for the safety advice.
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That is crap and glad you are ok. AFA being a vert or not don't really think it makes a difference. Obviously being a vert and with the top down makes it easier for scum like that to attempt a car jacking or theft but most likely anyone driving around in a nice car will be a target especially now with stupid s**t happening everywhere.

I could be a target driving my ZR1 with the roof on or off it won't matter. Just do your best and be vigilant of what's around you when bombing around.

Pretty scary stuff, I've noticed quite an increase in the number of homeless people that stay in Edmonton's downtown area. After hearing about what happened to you, I'll think twice about driving through that area with the top down. Glad to hear that you're OK.
Glad it worked out and you are safe and uninjured. Downtown Edmonton has turned into a s**t hole in the last 10 years. I will keep my opinions on the reasons to myself but that doesn't lessen the reality.

Again thrilled you are ok and thanks for the safety advice.
Absolutely agrre that he's OK.
Anyone paying attention knows the reasons. They're the same ones here in Ontario, and elsewhere across the country.
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