If they are still using the same system It'll go by rail to the distribution center where it'll be sent out by truck .Usually takes 2-3 weeks .Your dealer should get shipping papers approximately 6-7 days prior to delivery .
I really feel your pain ,I've been there ,can't sleep ,can't eat .It is a big deal .Don't tell me you ordered Crystal Red with light interior or I'll be envious .:D
The car stay's at the Plant for 2 weeks...Then it is released for shipping...Car will be shipped by Truck, to Detroit...Will sit in a Holding Lot until they have a Full Load of car's to ship to the Toronto area!!!...

Should take about 3-4 week's!!!!:driving:
Hey guys GM has changed transport companys so right now shipping times are FUBAR.
I hate to be bring bad news but you might be looking at 2-3 weeks longer than normal
Thats the worst part waiting for a new car to actually show up so you can see it.
I hate ordering a car rather buy off the lot so I can get it sooner.
Would of bought it off a lot. But I wanted to see my car be built. Went to Bowling Green and had the time of my life watching my car be built. What a experience that was. No lot car could ever touch that not to mention most lot vettes don't have them fully loaded
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