Feb 26, 2024
2024 C8
Question to those my more knowledgeable than I. If I placed a new order for C8 stingray what would be the estimated delivery leadtime. I read elsewhere that a Feb order could be ready for spring (Apr-May) for C8 stingray.
Background: I looked at C8 corvette back in 2021 but was told wouldn’t get until 2023 sometime, which was not for me. Anyway, I recently went to local dealership to purchase a 3rd car (kids keep taking mine) and lo and behold they had a C8 on floor for sale. I ended up purchasing that day expecting to take home that week. Then I was told of recall night before pickup that I cannot take possession (no ETA for fix). Now that the excitement of having C8 in my garage has worn off and the fact that the wait for C8 stingray with all options I want may not be that long, I am starting to rethink and simply just build my own to my exact liking vs taking one that is close and doing aftermarket changes.
Please read this first and then come back with any further question
Oh I see. When I hear "order" to me that's when I walk into Mr Dealership and say "Order me a Corvette". I did that and its in the system. So to answer the posters original question, its a complete crap shoot whether your dealer gets an allocation for you or not. Once its "Allocated" you wait 3 months it looks like. When you get an Allocation is the unknown. Hence there is no real answer to this question. Its dependent solely on your dealer to start the timeline. Talk to them and find out.
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