Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06

A warning to avoid using Livingston International if you need a vehicle moved! You'll recall that I posted prevcously about how shocked I was when I went to get my car in Edmonton and found that it had been damaged in three places through neglegence of the transport company.

I ended up with three damaged areas, the two quotes being just under $1000.

I was informed that there is a $500 deductable that I end up having to cover which means that they can inflict damage on your car up to $500 and you get NOTHING for compensation!!

Then without explantion of how they arrive at the conclusion they claim that one of the areas of damage was preexisting and have reduced what they are now willing to cover - 25% of the cost to get these areas repaired!

Here is their email to me:

Good day,

Your claim documentation has been reviewed.

We have taken into consideration the lower of the two estimates, in this case the amount $923.59 as per Touch of Class 2005 Ltd.
The chip on the left quarter panel was found to be pre-existing and there is $500 deductible per claim.
The amount up for the management approval is $250.00 towards the repairs.

I will contact you as soon is completed.


Joanna Stansfield
Claims Analyst, Vehicle Transportation Services

Livingston International
905-660-0412 ext.5508
fax 905-660-6651
Toll free 1-888-227-4656
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ship your car across Canada or transport your automotive vehicle locally

Spread the word to everyone that Livingston International is a company not to be used for transporting anything as the have no concern with damaging someones property and accepting the reponsibility for having done so and settling up fairly with the customer.

I wish instead I could be recommending them to you but at this point that is a decision they have taken out of my hands............


Garry Ropchan
Good morning Riley,

My first question now would be how they compensate a customer when they damage their vehicle while it is in their care. If had had been aware that I was going to be responsible for the first $500 of THEIR carelessness I would have considered other transport options.........


I used TFX on Manny's recommendation to bring my ZR1 into Canada from Oklahoma and I was most impressed with their care and attention to detail. They covered the seats with plastic and also put protective floor mats down on the carpets and were ever so careful taking her out of their truck. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to transport a car. They do a lot of work for Barrett-Jackson too.
When our car was shipped west with Mackies, the guy went over it noting every stone chip and mark on the car. I got a copy so there was no question of preexisting damage. We had no problems. However, there was no mention of deductible...if there was any in the contract. The buyer looked after the shipping so it really wasn't my problem anyway.
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Good to hear navion!

Sounds like a much better copany to deal with than Livingston International!

I keep looking for YouTube videos of my car in demolition derbies or road races during the time it was being "transported" by Livingston from Ontario to Edmonton - it sure wouldn't come as a surprise after all given how they are dealing with paying for the damage to my car!! I've heard of tranport company employees going for joyrides with customer's cars too.

Make usre you post a link to this thread on other car forums you are on please, we need to be diligent about getting the word out to anyone who is looking tohave a vehicle moved so one one else gets mis-treated by Livingston International like I have just experienced.

So TFX may be the transport company to use. Take note people!


Bad deal Garry --

Wow, that means we should take a picture of every square inch of the car before shipping then every square inch after shipping so there are no excuses or BS to listen to. I'm guessing you figured that already.

Thanks for the tip Garry -- you're probably glad there was no more damage for them to deny too.:rolleyes:

I'm afraid business is business and knowing our cars are worth so much money, it's worth it to take the time to CYA no matter who you're dealing with.

Sorry you had to learn the hard way Garry. You're a good guy for taking one for the team (and sharing it with us).

Total BS Garry. Hanson was also good with me for shipping within Canada, but suggestions on who to use are a little late now.

I would fight this a little. I think they're trying to see if you would just take this lying down. A lot of people just see a corvette and think you're made of money. That's been my experience anyways.

I'm really sorry this happened to such a nice guy.

Small claims, yes. It's not an expensive undertaking. I would be surprised if Garry didn't have greats turns of his car "per-haul". Furthermore, the worry of it all for Livingstone might make the whole thing worthwhile regardless of the verdict. Did the signed contract say anything about a deductible, Garry?

If not, you have a case, no?
Don't just take them to court for the deductible. Go to an appraisal company and ask them for a difference in value of your car with purely original paint and one that's been re-finished due to autobody damage.
Good evening Gentlemen,

Just back from my first road trip to Grande Prairie. I wanted to check to see if Livingston had replied to my email to them from two days ago:

Good morning Joanna,

I find it interesting that Livingston have a $500 deductable per claim that this in essence allows Livingston to damage a customers vehicle for up to $500 in repairs without any responsiblity of compensating the customer who made the mistake of trusting that Livingston was a company who could be hired to safely transport their vehicle.

How was it determined that the chip on the left quarter panel was pre-existing? I do not recall seeing this noted on the pre-delivery form that I saw in Edmonton when I picked up the car.

I look forward to threading about this experience at length on the National Corvette Website, my user name being VelocityYellowRules!

And no surprise there has been no reply to this yet. Is there mention of a $500 deductable? I'm not sure, but my question is why I should be dinged for the deductable when it is their "accident" and their insurance that covers it.

I mean when we have an accident and it is someone else's fault are we expected to pay their deductable? That seems to be Livingston's position which would seem to be odd.

But yes guys, get the word out and I will have to see about leaving a comment on their website about my experience in having them take responsibility for this damage the caused to my car. If I can't get them to take responsibility for the remaining $750 maybe I can at least save some other poor innocent from going through this experience as well.

I've considered small claims court, since I could file the charges here in Peace River and they would then have to defend here or go without a lawyer (they could submit paparwork) if I understand in their defense and that would cost them more than $750........based on my divorce experience anyway!

Best of all would be for one of you, the next time you're in need of shipping services, to call Livingston International and to let them know that how they treated me in this case resulted in them losing a customer rather than my being able to post a thread with praise being responsible for them gaining a customer instead.

Odd that Livingston International would not consider their reputation worth more than $750............


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Well worded. Hoping for the best for you Garry.
p.s. you misspelled Edmonton and experience and spelled Livingstone two different ways... but that shouldn't really matter. :nono:
p.p.s. guess who is a retired school teacher?!? :seeya:
Good morning Dave,

Thanks for the thoughts!

Sad when a company just can't take responsibility and would rather try to dodge ownership for their employee's actions. I'm no where near as disappointed as they damaged my car as for them not making full restitution on this matter with me.

We both also missed that I also didn't spell delivery (was "delievery"!!) properly in the original post too!


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Good morning Dave,

Thanks for the thoughts!

Sad when a company just can't take responsibility and would rather try to dodge ownership for their employee's actions. I'm no where near as disappointed as they damaged my car as for them not making full restitution on this matter with me.

We both also missed that I also didn't delivery (was "delievery"!!) in the original post too!



Toucheee Garrry.:D

........and oh yeah -- Go Get 'em!!!!! Don't let 'em get away with that Bull Sh*t.
Good evening everyone,

Livingston INternational must be subscribers to the belief that silence is golden as well. I half expected that there would be some correspondence to my reply to their joke of an offer on my claim but there was nothing after I returned from two days away from home.

I had a similar issue with a herbicide company about 8 years ago, obvious carry over issue from their herbicide that smoked my canola crop two years after even though I followed their directions and even used only 75% of the recommended rate. The rep tried all the typical excuses, there were patterns that indicated it was a problem with my seed drill etc. (hard given that there was damage in a curve pattern at the end of the passes in the field that corresponded with the sprayer widths and not the seed drill!) rather than just owning up and admitting that their product was at fault and to make restitution. But I got my pound of flesh in the end. I have been writing for an agricultural publication for about 20 years and wrote an article on this experience and included some terrific photos - as they say a picture being worth a thousand words. Needless to say they still didn't take responsibility but the rep got fired. I met him a number of years later and he told me that the company policy was deny deny deny and in 99% of the cases the farmers just give up and they never have to make any compensation. He said that the company hire-ups told him that he should have considered/realized that he wasn't dealing with some plow-boy but a research agonomist with 20 years of plot experience and that if I realized conclusively that their product was at fault he should have paid me off and had me sign a non-disclosure agreement. So he got his in the end which gave me some satisfaction. And of course as the chem industry is pretty tight he was unable to get a job with another company.

I'm not saying this is going to happen with Joanne at Livingston International but I always wonder how these people manage to both sleep at night and look at themselves in the mirror in the morning with the thought that they are treating an innocent person this way.........

How can someone go through life without a conscience.......maybe there is an upcoming position for her as a Conservative appointed senator?? Maybe Harper will fast track her after this, someone has to replace Pammy Wallen/Mike Duffy after all!!!!!!!!


I hope you have some luck with Livingston ..... keep at them for sure. It seems you have the smarts and the temperament to carry it thru.

In your reference to the herbicide company that denied your claim some 8 years ago: Was the rep that was fired over that incident not carrying out the company's wishes or was he quite capable of seeing your claim for damages succeed?

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