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Apr 23, 2012
Given the limited info out there, will you look to purchase a C7?

No--i prefer my older model.

Yes--these things will be bad-ass! I'll be one of the first!

Depends--but if I do, it will be used after a few years of production.

Me? I'd like to say yes, but I think the C6 will be just fine.
Sold my c5 z06 a while ago. Waiting for the racetrack in Edmonton to get built. At that time I'll probably get back into something. Probably a c6 z06 but time will tell.
As nice as they'll be and the temptation of wanting what is new...I really enjoy my C5 Z06. I couldn't beat the bang for the buck factor. Even though it's an '01, it can still hold it's own on the street and surprised me at the DDT driver training course that I did in June. It ran against new twin turbo M3's and Audi S5's and blew them away! Long story short, I'll stick with my C5 Z06 for now, but would consider a C6 as my next step as they are becoming more attainable in price.
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nope, no C7 for me, I like to be able to work on my cars, but C5's are getting me interested for a 2nd Vet ... i'd like 1 if the right 1 comes along ... Rob
The new C7 would have to be more beautiful than my C6 , and I would wait a few years after its release..I am keeping my eye on it...
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