I liked Gun N' Roses version of "Mamma Kin" better than Aerosmiths.

Aersomsiths version Of "Helter Skelter" over The Beatles but Motleys was good too.

Foghats version of "I just Want to Make Love to You" over Willie Dixon, (honorable mention to April Wines version).

Led Zeppelins version of "I Can't Quit You Baby" over Willie Dixon, (poor old Willie - he's gett'n beat up).
This is a really obscure one but some of you may have heard it:
Ray Stevens version of Misty is unforgetable and hit No. 1 in the UK for 3 weeks! :coolgleam:
Compared with the original by Johnny Mathis (which is excellent), Stevens' CW interpretation is about as far removed as is musically possible. His arrangement includes banjo, fiddles, and a steel guitar. Great stuff!
Yet he does the song proud and I suspect even Erroll Garner would have approved.
If you've never heard this version of Misty, do yourself a favour and listen in
YouTube - Ray Stevens Misty
Johnny Cash's "Hurt" is better than Nine Inch Nails'

Nine Inch Nails "Dead Souls" is better than Joy Divisions

Jimi Handrix "All along the Watchtower" is better than Bob Dylan's

I'll think of more....
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