Someone should stop by Colin's place and see if you can get him out. He's been quiet lately and I hope everything is going well with him. Maybe a big burnout in front of his house would help. :D
I'm in for Wednesday.......Rob is picking me up after I take the pooches in to the vets for their annual.

Miss everyone -- and thanks to the friends up north (and out west) for their concern too.

I'm in for Wednesday.......Rob is picking me up after I take the pooches in to the vets for their annual.

Miss everyone -- and thanks to the friends up north (and out west) for their concern too.


Nice to see you on here Colin. :D

Have a great time fellas. I haven't even driven mine in the last two weeks. Too busy renovating the house right now. :(
Half the forums are missing including the regional forums, and it took forever to load so I'll post here for our meet today.
Great to see Wayne, Brian, Jim, Tony & Kathy, Rob and Terry again today.
It had been a while for me at least and it was a nice get together.
Looking forward to a repeat.
Here's a few pics of our meet including Wayne's, Brian's and Tony & Kathy's cars -- Jim's was closeby but not in the same row.
Wonderful to see Steamer (Rob) again all the way from Comox BC........ who brought out hats and tees with him.\
Cheers Rob ...

Looks like a vanilla oreo cookie! :D

Love the pics! Looks beautiful our there! Our summer is shaping up to be better than last years as well! Only rained one Thursday so far!
Weather was good. Cruise over to our meeting place was fun. Coffee and sandwiches were good. And great to see the gang once more.

Had a nice meet and greet today. But please note the following:

Mary; please make sure Wayne is dressed properly before leaving the house. Show him how the tag in a shirt goes to the back. We do have an image to uphold.

In the photo's please note the nice new Italian racing gloves that Tony is holding. Is there anything this man does not have?

Was great to have Terry with us once again. Nice to see that your retirement job does provide you with some time off.

always great to see jim out in that sweet black corvette that he has even if there is a small scratch on it that no one else could see

And as always, thanks to Collin for taking lots of pictures. Great to see you out again old friend.
what a great day as i am the last to post i guess i'll have to do all the explaining firstly we tried a "convertible only" parking arrangement that went well until jim decided to go off in a huff and park somewhere else brian also kept mentioning my clothing which was fashionably askew then the error was compounded by colin and compamy arriving in a full four door body kit corvette disguised as a chrysler rent-a-car food was great it was nice to see terry again after what seems like a three year absence i guess it really does take a long time to make bail rob kept asking people to help him pack for the trip back but we had to remind him that now we had the t-shirts he was on his own.


after a full lunch which sent 4.9 children to summer camp most of our group left tony's corvette morphed into jims and we spent another 90 minutes discussing my t-shirt all in all another fun day on mud street

Now back to normality....

As mentioned Tony spent most of his day flaunting his new Italian racing gloves and pointing out the following to an audience who clearly was less than enthused...
-The left glove was made from the left side of the cow
-The left side was made from the right side of the cow
-All the stitching came from the same sheep
-Eventually they will be dyed to match the colour of his car

It was great to have Colin back again, we finally got the "better tables" and were served in a timely fashion. God bless Kathy for having the patience of a saint. I finally drove away at 3:30 to the sound of Brian screaming "next time look in the mirror".
Regarding my gloves

please see...General Corvette Discussions............for my reply.

As I said.....Wayne is busy building this fantasy world that I supposedly inhabit !!

Tony, least thats who I think I am this where I really live......?
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