What age did you buy your first corvette ?

How many have you owned ?

What age are you now ?

Just want to see how many old people or young we have on this site :p
First at 11 years old .....,it was only a model but hey I think that still counts . Real one for my 40th birthday , from my wife . As much as I love all years of Corvettes , my 98 is the only one that stirs my heart . I love everything about this car , and love more each day
I was 25 when I got mine, its still my first Vette. This will be its 7th summer with me.
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Your going to hate me .The first Corvette was a 67 BB vert .I can still smell the newness ,I can still feel the bulk of the engine and how it shifted .I was a magnificent machine that I will always remember .The car was actually loaned to me for a weekend by a neighbor I was 19 and had a hot date .The only issue was the car had been stolen from a new car dealer .(I didn't know)

My first bought was a 69 350 vert and I drove it for almost 250,000 km .I've owned an 87,03 and an 08 all manuals ,all verts.

I'm old enough that the C7 will be my last.
worked for a furniture store in 1980 when i was 16. owner had a 78 silver anniversary. he let me take it home 3 times on friday nights to wash it. wanted one ever since. waited till i was 45 to get one. black 87. had it 2 summers so far. can honestly say i will never be without one again.
First Vette ( 1990 Vert) at 48. still on my second (2002 coupe) for now at 52.
Not sure if it will still be here when I'm 53.
Starting to get the itch for a C6.:canada:
First Vette 2000 triple black at 44. Second vette 2002 silver coupe at 44. Third Vette 2005 DSOM at 44 . I have had this one 3 years.

First and only for my 51st B day present to myself, an 02 convertible. I was close to buying a 65 roadster 30 years ago for $5000 but the owner was hesitant in selling so I bought a 56 Chevy pickup instead...doh!!
21 yrs old #1

6 total
Owned 4 then took a 25yr hiatus (except for one summer C4)
just bought number 6
An 04 C5. Red car no roof, looking forward to it !!!!

Wow guess that makes me about'd that happen!
First one is a '76 Stingray bought 5 or 6 years ago, got my second one last year brand spanky new 2010 targa top coupe. I just turned 36 early this year.
at 34 got my 86 and then made it a drag car, at 35 I bought my ZR-1, at 39 I bought my C5Z and then at 40 I bought my C6Z and have owned this car for 1.5 years now. Hard to imagine a Vette beyond this one but who knows:D
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