Dec 17, 2014
2015 Z06
Hello All,

This is my first post,

Here's my story, just before Christmas I started calling the dealerships asking about the z06 and I found out like others low allocations, all spoken for, I was bummed to say the least, even sold my 2005 c6 to flip the $$$ and help pay for the new Z06. In the beginning of jan I was at work and my old salesman call me ( I bought a 2011 gmc sierra 1500 4x4 of him and Shaw GMC ) he asked me remember back in aug 2014 when I ask you if you wanted to sell or trade your truck for a new one and you said no, you wanted to buy a new z06 corvette, I said yes, He said shaw gmc might be getting one allocation and was I interested in being the guy to buy it. I ran to the dealership that night and gave them a $1000 wish list deposit. Well today they called and said gm Canada had just called them to confirm shaw gmc is getting one allocation and would I come in tomorrow (sat) to do my workbench order and give them more $$$ I will keep you posted with updates, and would like any suggestions you might have to help me out
As much as we dont like such I can see the request for an increase to 5K on a car this expensive, considering how few there seems to be and the waiting lists everywhere so it seems. it is just better security for them, although nobody will ever have a problem selling this car in Canada. If they are calling you in to do a workbench order, I might be very curious to see what the status is once you have completed it. Many here have 5k deposits who have yet to be contacted or sit down and do the order.

Even after doing the workbench, your status may still be at 1100 and I am waiting for that status after my dealer told me yesterday that the window was open to make any changes to my order. In Canada, it seems the order systems have been locked down for some time on the Z06, whereas one could create an order but it would not receive initial GM approval and acceptance.

So very least...your dealer contact does seem to run in line with the e-mail that I received from my dealer stating there is a window to make final order changes.
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Congrats calgaryguy!

Please share your preferences here.

BTW I heard that in Alberta dealers are asking for over MSRP for all 2015 Corvettes. Is that true?

Best of luck!
If that is in fact true, I suspect there will be a few dealers with cars sitting on their lots given the current economic climate for oil especially in Alberta. These low oil prices are having a major impact on everything everywhere and Alberta will probably be the hardest hit of all of the provinces and there is strong evidence already with announced layoffs and reduced capital spending by the big oil companies. I hope the dealers are looking at this issue very seriously and I think they would be very foolish to ask for prices above MSRP. Just my 2 cents!
I don't foresee any sitting on lots whatsoever considering how few have been allocated compared to the waiting lists at every reputable dealer. I keep wondering if here will be a late allocation but, considering the way things are done with GM here, it doesn't seem likely...who knows though right???

Can I ask...has what seems to be happening now much the same as previous Z06 and/or ZR1 allocations? Consider how many dealers alone are probably holding deposit money for Z06s they have no reason to believe they will get. Even with the StingRay we have seen same horror stories with people placing deposits with smaller dealers with no allocation...
I had 2 deposits down at 2 dealers, at the 2nd stipulation was I needed confirmation by Dec 31st or full refund of deposit. I went back on Jan 5th and within 2 minutes it was back in my account no hassles what so ever.
more good news, so I went to shaw gmc on Saturday and great news they are getting one z06 allocation, so I had to make another $4000 down for a total of $5000 and did my workbench order, after it was complete I was told they would send it to gm Canada on Saturday night, it would sit there at gm Canada for 48 hrs till Tuesday, and if for some reason I wanted to change or edit anything I would only have till Tuesday to do so. After order accepted by gmc meaning no constraints, shaw gmc would call/email me my build number for me and all of you here on the forum to check it out to prove I am not bullshitting anyone.

Here is my build right off the workbench order
Order # shzxcr
BAC 231450
Model Year 2015 Distrib. Entry RET
Allocation Group Z06 Divison GMCL-CHEVORLET
Order Type SRE-Retail Sold
Model 1yz07-corvette, MSRP w/DFC $116,335.00, Supplier w/DFC $103,821.00

Vehicle Specifications
PEG 3LZ - Package 3LZ, Primary Color Daytona Sunrise Orange Trim 195 - Leather Jet Black , Engine LT4 engine gas 8 cylinders

Ordered Options AG2 6 way Power Passenger AQ9 Front Sport Bucket BTV Remote Vehicle Start, CFA Roof Panel, Body Color Carbon Fiber Removable, M5U Transmission Auto 8 Speed 8L90, AP9 Rear Cargo Net, B4Z Performance Traction Management, BV4 Plaque Interior Personalized-Built For, CFV Performance Package, Carbon Fiber, D42 Luggage Shade, DD8 Inside Rear with compass, ERI Battery Protection Package, FAY Trim Interior Carbon Fiber, G96 Differential, Electronic Limited Slip Rear, IL5 Leather Interior, IWE Suede - Wrapped Upper Interior Trim Package J6D Caliper Dark Grey NK4 Steering Wheel Sport Leather, Q6U Wheel 19x10 , 20x12 RR Aluminum (BLack) UG1 Universal Home Remote, UQT Performance Data & Video Recorder, UTT Theft Deterent Body Security Content, UVF Front Vision Camera, VV4 Internet Connectivity Mobile, Z07 Z06 Performance Package, DD0 Outside Rearview mirror with Autodimming , DTH Stripe Package Full Length Racing Carbon Flash, EYT Ornamentation Ext Emblem Nameplate Carbon Flash PKG, FE7 Suspension, Front/Rear Handling Heavy Duty, GXB Axle Rear 2.41 Ratio, IO6 Infotainment Connectivity and Navigation, J57 Brake System Power Front Rear Disc Antilock, KNR Cooling System Axle, NPP Performance Exhaust, TTV Spoiler Rear And ORV Mirror Carbon Flash Painted, UQS Audio System Feature Bose Premium 10 Speaker, UTJ Theft Deterent Electrical Unauthorized Entry, UV6 Head up Display, VTB LPO Rear Bumper Protector, XFM Tire P285/30ZR19 SL- P335/25ZR20 BW

I will Keep you all updated as I get more information
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One more thing I was also told since I did my order I am price protected from future price increases just have to pay GST and regular dealership fees like Doc fee , No mark ups Shaw GMC is just selling for MSRP
Wicked! More importantly though I wonder if they will honour supplier pricing.... That would be a substantial discount... I dont think it has been honored anywhere yet in the US as it is a voluntary program for the dealer.
Last edited: mistake...Z06 not eligible. Why the hell would it be on the dealer invoice then? Crap!

SO Owais... are there any other programs that technically could be accepted...such as prefered pricing or customer loyalty? I already know that former Military is which is great.
Ineligible for GM Employee Pricing, GM Employee Executive Referral, Preferred Pricing (aka Supplier Pricing), Loyalty/Conquest, Dealership Employee Discount, AutoShow Bonus.

Eligible for Military Discount, Student Discount, GM Visa Points and Mobility Credit. And if you have Native Status then you are also Tax Exempt (Reserve delivery required).
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