I understand there is a massive traffic jamb leaving Florida .It's the Easter Exodus of people from Ontario returning home .I thought it was a joke until one year I saw it first hand .

Thats OK ,Happy Easter to my Canadian cousins heading home to be with family :D

A clear indication good weather is right around the corner
No double digits here yet unless the minus (C-) ones count.....get them every night.....but we did get a couple of days of +2C

Yikes, you guys are below 'normal' too .. Definitely been colder than normal here, tho snow and rain are on par and possibly slightly less than the norm.

Last March was simply awesome but then April not so good being cold and wet.
I'm hoping for an improvement for April this year to make up for a crap March.

The long range (to month's end) for here at least is much improved with temps at or above normal highs, and lows above normal. Precip minimal.
Bit of a shocker seeing snow on the ground this morning -- Marg had to brush and scrape the car -- :(

another half a millimeter -- grumble, grumble, grumble.......:mad:

Jeesh, that makes about 2mm! in the last week.................................:swear:

Some signs of grass around here now but snowbanks are still pretty high. Calling for sunny and 9C on Saturday so that should help. Going to be a couple of more weeks before this is all cleaned up I'm sure but the end of winter is upon us. Winter started late here so I guess it'll be late in leaving too.
Saw a guy today in a red Ferrari with the top down ...I'm guessing he just couldn't wait any longer !

I'm thinkin' next week for sure ! :D
Saw a guy today in a red Ferrari with the top down ...I'm guessing he just couldn't wait any longer !

I'm thinkin' next week for sure ! :D

A neighbour has a nice Mondeo -- beautiful little thing -- He's had it out for a week or so now.
I've had mine on the road since Saturday but waiting now for a cleansing rain.

If it snows again like it did last night, the salters will be out again putting us back another week or so. :mad:

Yesterday I finally got around to replacing the front brake rotors and pads. I have had then sitting in the garage waiting for the warmer weather. Although not really cruising weather here yet, I did have to try out the new brakes....... so I got in a little test drive, ; I'm still smiling. :)
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