Jun 19, 2021
2021 C8
Hoping someone can explain or has experience with the C8 order process? Was told by the dealership last week that my order was submitted and that it was at status 1100, then earlier this week I got a call and told the order was accepted by GM and was at status 2000 (dealer sent me a screenshot to prove it), however, I keep seeing posts, etc that June allocations were canceled and no more 2021 model orders would be accepted. I was told by the dealer that since I am at status 2000, that I should expect my car in 8-12 weeks. Hoping someone has some insight on this! Would it be worth a call to Corvette Concierge?
Canada has a different ordering process than the United States. In the US dealers will jam the system with orders without allocations available to them, sort of as their list at 1000. When they receive their allocations they are matched to who is next on their list. And the status codes continue on

The dealer I am using seems to have a list, but not entered into GM order system. As they receive their allocations. They match who is next on their list. Confirm the build specs and then submit the order 1000 with the allocation received from GM. Once the order is accepted by GM it goes to 2000.

After 2000 it is anyone's guess how quickly that changes.

June allocations were cancelled but it appears some Easter egg allocations were given here and there.
Most often once a Canadian dealer takes a GM Canada granted allocation and then matches with one of their customer’s specs, it goes within two or three days to status 2000, then about three or four more to status 3000. Here are some details, probably way more than you want to read but if one wants the background nitty gritty on the US process which is about 90% the same.…, here you are.

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The process is exactly the same as in the U.S. Some dealers regardless of where they are do it one way and others another.
If it has been excepted then it will get built this year. Canadian dealers, for some reason, were given extra allocations this past week or 2.
A call to the concierge will confirm that it is at 2000 or even 3000 by now. I would get a second opinion. Not that I don't trust dealers. lol
I feel very lucky that I got one of the June easter egg allocations ! But now I can't wait to get the car.
I expect it will be one of the last build weeks whatever that turns out to be. And then it needs to get to the westcoast.
So I might need to get some snow tires :snowplough: !

The following is my build for anyone that is interested.

2LT, convertible, Torch Red , GT2 seats, CF high wing, CF painted nacels and roof, two tone interior red and and black,
red seatbelts, red calipers, magnetic ride, CF mirrors, performance exhaust, CF rocker panel extensions, Stingray R graphics.
No lift No Z51 had to leave something on the table !
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