corvette c8 canada

  1. Jdm127

    C8 Allocation/Order

    Hoping someone can explain or has experience with the C8 order process? Was told by the dealership last week that my order was submitted and that it was at status 1100, then earlier this week I got a call and told the order was accepted by GM and was at status 2000 (dealer sent me a screenshot...
  2. nKuch

    Question Corvette C8 1LT Constraints?

    My dealer informed me today that he'd be "extremely surprised if any 1lts get built in phase one" as GM is losing money on them. He also told me that if I wanted one sooner I'd need to move up to 2LT. My question to all of you is have you been told something similar to this by your dealership...
  3. nKuch

    Any Allocations left in Canada?

    I'm looking for some help from the community here, has anyone heard of any dealerships anywhere in Canada that have allocations? Willing to buy it and have the car shipped to me as long as I can get it early in 2020. Heck, I'd even buy an allocation off somebody looking to get rid of it. Any...