May 8, 2018
SW Ont.
2020 C8 Z51 Mag ride
I have an allocation for an ERay and have been at status 3000 for almost 2 months. Chat and dealer do not have a TPW. Shane at the Corvette museum however gave me a TPW of 1/15 approx. 3 weeks ago. I understood Shane has very good up to date info. The Corvette Concierge does not provide Canadian updates. Does anyone know where Canadians can get the most accurate TPW and status information?
Your dealer is usually the best source of info. If it's telling you it knows nothing, then it's either not making any effort to find out things like the TPW, or it's clueless about how to get that info off its system. Either one isn't complimentary to your dealer. Perhaps (?) it's your salesman who may not know his/her way around? I'd suggest dealing with the sales manager who should be more "in the know". Establishing good lines of communication with your dealer will come in handy, when (for example) your car arrives and you're working out final pricing/payment details, ordering accessories or considering an extended warranty, and getting servicing. Now's a good time to forge that link.

Shane is great providing accurate info however so many Corvette people contact him, I expect he's overwhelmed at times and people on the US Corvette Forums have suggested we not bug him as much. Good luck!
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There hasn't been a single customer E-Ray built yet aside from I believe Mr. Rick Hendricks VIN 001 and two others. Most folks for E-Rays have TPWs in the mid January into February range.

Email Shane at the Corvette Museum at [email protected] and he'll get you an accurate TPW or status (which is always subject to change). He emailed me a week ago about my Z06.
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