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Sep 16, 2013
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2020 C8 Z51
Here is the dyno of the LT1 in the C7 overlayed with the dynos from the LS3 in the C6 and the LS7 in the C6 Z06. Courtesy of Lingenfelter.

Pretty impressive for the C7... basically it has the same power as the Z06 until 5,000 RPM. Way more area under the curve and way more torque than the C6 throughout. Great job by GM on this engine!



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Great overlay gthal! Very nice to see how the new engine stacks up against the others. It is a truly amazing car that Chev developed! I can't wait to hear your impressions!

The old, antiquated, pushrod engines are not going away any time soon. Peak horsepower numbers are fine, but torque is what makes a street engine nice to drive. These LS engines make lots of torque in the lower rpm range and they are a pleasure to drive in town and when cruising down the highway at 1300 rpm.
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