A Ford Prefect is a car? I thought it was an intergalactic space traveller who was doing research for a book. I feel foolish now.
love the anglia and thames gassers too. remember the hemi powered fiat topolino altereds and the AA/FA cars ? caused more soiled fire suits than bad burritos !!! :eek:

yes many of them back in the day -- ONe Gasser that sticks in my mind is Jimmy Oddy's (sp.?) I believe of Buffalo N.Y. who was a great runner back in the day.
A Blue Anglia that terrorized the sport in the 60's and 70's and 80's (?),

Very popular back then and were many Anglias and Prefects and the like.

LOL, indeed Doug, the F/A's were too radical for the sport and dropped if memory serves. Too damned dangerous and hard to handle.
Hillishly fun tho to watch....

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