Oct 13, 2011
Ancaster, ON
2004 convertible
Thought I'd chance a drive on the coldest morning of the year and take a drive up to Manny's . Sure is a busy place: Put new batteries in my camera and promptly left it at home so iPhone pics will have to do.

This car was incredible



Garage full of some beautiful projects





Why was I there?

...well to have this removed

and replaced with a Z06 titanium catback

Do I miss the Borla Stingers?

Well yes and no. I miss the real loud bark when it fires up, and the popping in the pipes... BUT ever since the headers went on the drone was ANNOYINGx1000. A great setup for a normally stock car ......., or somebody with diminished hearing.

After a 1 hour drive home I have to say I love the new setup, sounds like a V8 when it starts up and at idle and but NO DRONE, ...LOVE IT. Also good when you are on the throttle...not that I do that.

Next spring I'll try the bypass mod and that should be the end of my exhausting adventures.

As an aside Hwy 6 always seems to have radar or it was accidents.

I met a very nice gentleman from Montreal who was getting his Camaro looked at, was introduced but my name remembering skills are apparently at zero, needless to say it was nice to meet him. Manny was as charming as ever :) the coffee ,free breakfast, new tees and hats were much appreciated, as was the many ways I can spend my money next year .... c6 Z06 brakes to name a few.

Hope to be back before the year is over.
What always amazes me is for a place that's always so busy, it's always spotlessly clean. Look forward to hearing the new sound next time we meet up Wayne.
Are you selling the Borlas? Sounds like they would work okay with the stock H-pipe, even though I'd prefer the Corsa Xtreme. And I HATE ANY DRONE! I'm interested if the price is right, but since headers 'might theoretically' be a future upgrade, maybe I shouldn't be.
Cramar, I have the Borla Stingers with stock manifolds and cats. They drone....but damn they sound great! I prefer the sound to Corsa, not as high pitch.

Glad to hear you enjoy the new tunes Wayne! I've heard very good things about headers and the Ti exhaust.

That first car in the thread is absolutely stunning!!!
You picked a risky day for a drive!! Glad you made it there and back safety and got the work done. Thanks for the shop photographs, I have to get there one day soon to have a look see.

Stay warm.
Hope they work out for you Wayne. I kind of liked to follow you and listen to the Borla's but I get I could always turn my radio on.
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