Jan 25, 2009
73 Corvette Coupe
Well after the car not coming out of the garage all year I finally decided to pull the cover off. Connected the battery. Turned the key. 10 Seconds of cranking and fired up. Then I drove it 200ft into my shop and proceeded to make it not drivable for awhile. I was planning to start this in the spring but the summers are way to busy. So after disconnecting a wires, brake lines, steering, body bolts, removing hood, removing radiator and frame, draining fluids (or so I thought), disconnecting grounds, etc. this is the result.....






It went pretty smooth considering I did it by myself. However it was not flawless. The crack (that has been there since I bought the car) in the front clip wasn't strong enough to hold the front and let go, even with the strap to the front:

Needless to say when it gave away I thought the whole body was falling to the ground:eek:. Now like I said there was a crack there before so I am not surprised this happened.

All in all it went very well though. Now for the rebuild! This one will be slow and steady for sure so don't get upset if there isn't updates for a while.

By the way to my Saskatoon C3 Friends I am looking to measure up a removable transmission crossmember to convert mine from a welded one while the body is off.....so......if you have a 73-77 with a removable crossmember that I can measure send me a message or post a reply. Thanks in advance.

Wow good luck lots of work ahead of you buts it's all worth it at the end as they are Beautifull cars
:eek: I'd love to do that someday but don't have the room or the balls to do it. That's a very good looking frame you have. Lot's of good books out there on these years now to help you restore it. Good luck and I'll be watching this one.
Ya the frame looks pretty good just some minor fixing and updating. The back of the main rails the cap is rusted out on both sides but the rail looks good so just a patch up. Like I mentioned in my original post I am going to make the trans. crossmember bolt in like the stock style while the body is off. The birdcage looks like it may have some problem spots though. I'll find out more when I get to the body (after the chassis). And ya I am lucky enough to have the shop space (separate from my garage) so I can take my time. Now if only I had a money tree.....

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I say we make a mock firewall, get the brakes and steering hooked up, throw in the radiator and take er for some real open top cruising!

The winter should be slow so I expect to be to be out at your place....karting as you work on the car.... Ok, I'll help with the car too.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the cost to tear down one of these cars is slightly less than putting it back together. Meaning, tear down quick, rebuild slow...

Anyway, the great news is I just bought a money tree off of Kijiji for a few thousand! The bank said it was ok to pay the guy, however, he hasn't been returning my phone calls.....I'm sure the tree is on its way.
Wow!!! body-off. I am sure it will be great when its done. I add myself to the list of volunteers if you need any
Thanks for posting the pics! Wish I had room to do the same thing...good luck with the project!
Great start :canada:

let me know if you need any hard to find parts :D
OK, more work done. Engine and tranny out and chassis stripped. Ready to weld and gusset. Going to change the tranny crossmember to bolt in while I am at it.

Just some proof!





And some surprises along the way!


No wonder it was smoking out the right side exhaust. The mice carried in dog food!

And I am glad I started this project. This crack probably would not have lasted much longer.


Cool...dog food in the exhaust. What will mice think of next?

Nice to see the project coming along. Should be done by???? Spring??
Just a quick update. Got the front Control Arms and spindles disassembled. Amazing how one bad (rust welded) bolt can cause so much problems. Took me about 2.5 hours to take apart the passenger side carrier because of one bolt. I had to cut it of and drill it out, after trying many other things. Then the drivers side carrier took about 10 mins. Good news though everything looks to be in good shape and re-useable. Will definitely be putting in ne rubbers everywhere though.

Anyway. Slow and steady getting it apart.

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Sounds good. Not related to your build but I feel your pain with rusted bolts; we're renovating an older house. I tried to unbolt the old toilet in our ensuite; no dice...had to get the sawzall out. Best power tool ever invented!

Are you going with rubber or poly bushings?
T.. Nice work pal. Nice car.
That looks like a fun undertaking...I wish I had the room to do that..
Keep us posted thru the winter. This will be fun to follow your adventures.
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