Well i was thinking the other day i was going to sell it an find an old chevy,53-57 or an old nova? Then i thought??????? Its a Corvette dumb ass, its the cream of the crop, the car we all dreamed of having as little boys. They handle, stop accelerate drive well, they are the best engineered car that GM ever made. So i snapped out of it and started the love affair again. I have these moments when i get close to completing a project.
Well front brakes and power steering hoses are on. As well as the rad seal kit. I should of did that before the rad and tranny lines went on oh well.It was a pain but its on.

Great story, and an awsome read as well. Nice to see the visual from start to well almost finish, looks like she may be out for a cruise in the summer. I have to ask how the interior is and how you like that, do you plan on doing some of that as well or wait till she's on the road. Great, great job by the way.
whats thats song "Don't Worry,, Be Happy". lol this is for your your previous post
Well i was trying to buy a 75 that was won at a raffle, it was a 350 4 spd car. He didnt want to sell it and i wanted something in the garage before it snowed. I was going to buy an 86 in Ohio, but the dollar took a dive and that ended that. This one came up for sale, and as soon as i drove it i knew i would buy it.It like rescuing a puppy from the pound, show it some love and it will treat you right .lol.
The engine compartment is coming along, just waiting for some linkage stuff to show up to make it all connect. Not sure if the hood is going to close on this? anybody have any thoughts on this?

#1 Had to trim a casting flange to get the kickdown bracket to fit.



#2 Had to make Factory throttle bracket 1" longer to fit, cut it in the center and welded in an inch spacer.



#3 Not sure if the hood will close? Was hoping we didnt get too much taller with this intake and carb setup.



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