ok its done lol. Got the tranny leak fixed tonight, got the carb working where it needs to be, and all the leaks are fixed. One issue left is the fuel is boiling in the carb. I have to pull the intake to change the gaskets to a propane style with a steel heat riser block off. that should cool the intake enough. I may also move the fuel line to the side of the engine. Was a nice cool night tonight, and the car ran like a champ.Its a blast to toss it around corners at speed. Now i just need to go through it again and finess all the rough spots.
It was a nice warm day today, 21c which is about 74 F. The car ran great, one little problem which i took care of. The E brake clip was clipping the wheel weight on the inside of the tire? it dug a pretty good hole in it, but i moved the clip and will see what happens. here are some pictures of the day in the park.








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