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    Got xpel on the front of mine, with the exception of the mirrors, IMO it's worth the cost and unless you are really looking for it it's pretty much not noticeable. It's just another level of protection and peace of mind, the nose is pretty low so there will be contact with debris from the road...
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    INFOTAINMENT HARDWARE UPGRADES and 2014-2015 Corvettes to CarPlay

    Have been also looking at upgrading my info system on my 2015 2LT with nav/carplay, but yes finding a programmer for the cheaper eBay opportunity could prove difficult. I doubt the dealer service centre would be willing to do this, but never really asked. Like you paying the extra $$$ for a...
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    What is your choice for Transmission Auto Or Manual

    Manual, just simply like the manual transmission, perhaps not so much in heavy traffic on the 401 or DVP parking lot. Simply love the rev matching, could never heel/toe or blimp the throttle, the sound is intoxicating wish there was an option to simply keep it on all the time. Over all I feel...
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    Transparent roof

    It's not an issue with the TR being too hot, it''s with the sun beating down and warming the passegner compartment. It's basically the same as sitting in front of a window with the sun shinning in, after a while you start noticing and feeling the sun's heat. For us having the sun shinning in...
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    Question tracking at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

    Thank you all for responding, didn't know about BMW Trillium as it wasn't listed on the CTMP webpage, but I will look into it. Haven't got a helmet but will be asking for the latest for sure, read somewhere that they can't be more then five years old or something along those lines. Looking...
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    Question tracking at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

    Looking at going to this track this summer to track my car and looking for some information/experience/reviews. This track has a couple of organizations that offer some training and will allow you take your car on the track, such as 6th Gear, Apex Driver Training, DriveTeq, Engineered...
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    Transparent roof

    You made the right choice, personally I wouldn't bother with it. When I bought my 2015 had no choice but to get the transparent roof, as the colour roof was on constraint. Found that on long drives the sun shining through became uncomfortable for both of us, finally got a linear for it and...
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    GM suspension tune upgrade

    Received a call from the service manager and after contacting their techline, as Aramis76 stated, they are aware and it is available in Canada. Below is the response I received. "We can do this and it’s a rather simple process. I spoke with GM techline today they were aware of the upgrade...
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    GM suspension tune upgrade

    Was at my dealer, Markville, today and they didn't find anything on their system after some time looking, which appears to be inline with this thread. While searching the internet for more information found the following page which shows the part number, it's a US webpage not sure how they...
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    Internet Usage

    Techsavvy or any of the re-sellers will use the existing telcos lines to provide service, if yourissue is with the infrastructure in your area you may not get improved service if the re seller uses the same facilities for your connection. If you know that you are on DSL (Digital Subscriber...
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    Do you race your Vette if so, show pics!

    That is some track you have, I'll bet the grandkids love visiting you. Just love slot racing tracks and model trains, use to play with them all the time when I was little, then computers came along and ruined everything LOL.
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    1st month of ownership

    Yup pretty much there also, just love the ride so much so that I just couldn't resist taking it to work as much as I can. Being stuck on the DVP or 401 in traffic with it is surprisingly enjoyable, get to spend more time in it.
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    Ride comparrison Z51 and Non Z51

    Don't think there is a difference between the z51 and non-z51 suspension, the z51 option gives you the MRC option, that isn't available with the base model. Have a z51 with the MRC option and in tour mode the ride is very comfortable. I agree with others here about choosing the z51 option it...
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    Wants to Buy New Corvette, test drive?

    Markville Chevy at hwy 7, east of McCowan, 5336 Highway 7, Markham 888-905-2050, has a 2014 A6 in the show room your friend can try them. Or try Wilson Nibbett in Richmond HIll, 10675 Yonge St 888-379-8888 , that's where I scored a test drive in Sept.
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    Thanks to sales manager,Tomas Lastovka at Sherwood Park Chevrolet

    Excellent news, glad the dealer honoured the original agreement. Restores faith in humanity. Hope the corvette arrives soon and the weather warms up so we can all go out and enjoy our rides.