Jul 28, 2013
Martensville Sk
1976, hopefully
My 82 cutlass on grad day. if only I could find her again.
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Oh yes ... those "big two door" cars ... all awesome :thumbs:
back then I seemed to know everything too, just too bad I didn't get one of those "better jobs" ;)
and boy oh boy I sure remember those days,
just coming out school/college near the wind down of the Trudeau Recession...
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I have no pictures of my first ride, 1976 Ford econoline from the Ramset company (nail gun), it was a cargo truck, only 2 seats in the front and a canapé bolted in the floor by me. Mother nature took away the rocker panels, it was missing 12 inces all around, but it was a lot of fun with friens , going to the drive in cinema with 15 peoples hidding under blankets with a ton of beers.
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1967 Ford Mustang... 200ci ..2dr coupe.... 3sp standard..dark green metallic....ok,ok, stop laughing
I was only a kid... I thought it was great. The 6 cyl probably saved me a few speeding tickets which
my Kawasaki 500 triple didn't.

lol... brings back memories... had a buddy with a 500 kawasaki... I had an RD350 Yamaha... we use to get several tickets together.... lol...
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