Jul 8, 2012
1997 C5
So I have a Window Valet module from Top Down Tech installed on my '97 C5 and it worked as it should up until recently when I upgraded the TPMS to the 01-04 ones which meant swapping out the TPMS module that also controls the keyless entry. So essentially i have the 01-04 TPMS and keyless entry system with 01-04 key fobs now.

This is where my problem starts. Now, when i press unlock twice on the key fob, the windows go down. Usually you have to hit the unlock button 3 times. This only happens on the first instance after the car has been parked for over 30minutes. If i immediately roll the windows up and try again, I will have to press unlock 3 times for the windows to go down again.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I've tried unplugging the window valet and re-installing it. I've tried factory reseting the window valet, recalibrating the auto up/down function on the window valet to no success. and yes, I've tried pressing the unlock button really carefully to make sure i'm only pressing it twice :p. I also contacted Top Down Tech on Tuesday via email but have not heard from them yet so I will have to follow up this week.

It's not the end of the world that this is happening, more of a nusance, especially if i'm caught out in the rain with a passenger and I have to press unlock twice to unlock the passenger door, but then the windows come down and the interior gets wet! I'm really hoping one of you can help me as I did a search on google and it doesn't seem like anyone has encountered this issue before (or maybe i didn't look hard enough haha)
Hopefully by re-installing the unit from the beginning will fix your problem.
Taking your car out in the rain seems to be the issue! LOL
Sometimes when I press three times to lock the car the windows go up and then back down again?
I have to watch to make sure they stay up.
I think there may see some resistance touching the weatherstrip when the top is up.
Good luck.
Just to give everyone an update i reached out to Top Down Tech and spoke with Michael who has been a pleasure to deal with. We've been emailing back and forth and he's never heard of my issue happening with any other vehicle before but he thinks the second unlock press on the key fob is registering as 2 unlocks rather than one so the computer is reading 3 unlock commands after 2 key presses (1st unlock - driver unlock (1), 2nd unlock - driver (2) AND passenger (3) unlock rather than all unlock or passenger unlock). While the explanation sort of makes sense, it is curious that it only happens on the first attempt after the car has been parked and inactive for longer than 30 minutes. Otherwise the window valet operates as intended.

Anyway long story short, Michael has offered to send me a data logger that will record the activity on my car which i will then send back to him for analysis and hopefully find the root cause. In the interim, he is also sending a custom programmed window valet which will roll the windows down on 4 unlocks rather than 3 (which hopefully will solve my problem)

I hope anyone who is considering a window valet and has reservations about it feels more comfortable knowing about my experience and that the company stands behind it's product and is going above and beyond to help their customers with technical support.

I will try to provide some updates as I work with Michael to get to the bottom of this issue.
not sure f this will be of any help, but what if you programed the fob to unlock both doors on the first press,? sorry not much help really.
Hey Everyone,

So just to update everyone on the situation. Michael from Top Down Tech came up with a new theory which was that for whatever reason when i updated to the new 01-04 TPMS and keyless entry system, once the car has been parked for a while, it enters sleep mode and when i press unlock on the key fob, the receiver sends an unlock signal to the computer but there's a delay with the car exiting sleep mode so it fires a second unlock signal automatically so the window valet counts 2 unlocks and then on the second keyfob unlock, it registers as the third unlock press and starts to roll the windows down.

On this hunch he created 2 custom window valet modules for me to test, one requires 4 clicks to activate so under normal conditions 4 unlocks on the key fob to roll the windows down and during the sleep mode, 3 unlocks. The second one he created is a little bit clever where, in sleep mode, the module is programmed to read 4 unlocks (remember the first unlock press on the key fob fires 2 unlock signals according to the theory) so 3 unlock presses will activate the windows while under normal conditions the window valet requires 3 unlocks. This one seems to have it working flawless like the original window valet before I came across the issue.

Hope I haven't lost all of you yet! anyway, I've been testing them out for the past couple weeks, just running out to my garage during random hours (I have to wait for the car to enter sleep mode after every test). I'll be keeping the modified one i like more and returning the other along with my original window valet back to him shortly. Michael seems to be a very busy gentleman so it did take some time to get everything ready and shipped out for me to test but hey, that's what these long winters in Canada are for right? Aside from that i have zero complaints and I'm very pleased with the outcome. I only wish more companies were this dedicated to their product and customers!

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