Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Had my car out the other day. I haven't really driven it since last fall so when I accelerated on a entrance ramp, it scared me a bit. (Didn't even have to exceed the speed limit). I know from having my car at the track, how it pulls and pulls if you keep going but this was enough. You guys that have lots o power are crazy!!!! If my near stocker has the ability to scare me a little, I don't know what I would do if it were modded. Anyway, the point. I love this car. Anything that can scare me a bit and get 35 mpg on the highway is alright in my books.
Reminds me of a guy from the Club who had a twin turbo C6,he said he scared the ever living $%## of himslelf the first time he kept into it enough for the turbos to fully spool.He sold it shortly after and now runs a fairly stock car.
I still haven't full throttled mine. So far 1/2 to 3/4 leaves me grinning from ear to ear lol. Ok, plus it's obnoxiously loud but i'm SURE once the new axle-back is on and the tune is finished i'll lay into it full throttle to get a taste! :)
I love mine the way she is, stock. I must be gettin old to be happy with only 505 HP.
She's purrfect.
Mine scared for for about a month... now I want MORE!

I see a bigger s/c in my vettes future... maybe just another 200-300rwhp if i can do it without decreasing my blocks life to 100km lol. not to mention... tranny, rearend, etc.

Saw the Super Cuda this weekend at Plunkett's car show... it inspired me...
I'm pretty happy with mine... I can leave the rear end stock, it's still driveable and reliable enough to take on a long trip and is powerful enough to give just about anything else an honest run. Plus I'm still getting 27 mpg on the highway with a 236/238 cam and making ~500hp. What more can you ask for? :D

We ALL love our cars... don't we?
Have to agree with you Riley.....My car is a missle in stock form :eek:...Dam fast!....Dont really need to add more nuts under the hood, all though more power is always a good thing :D...... I may juice it up a little in the future but minor stuff like exhaust, headers.......
I love the power and the hard acceleration is amazing, where you hit it going on the ramp entering the hwy everything goes into almost
a blur when you go past that 3000rpm mark :D
One thing, you do have to treat the car with respect and be careful in the corners or you can easily spin it out with the extra power.
There is a limit with all the added power with a mod'd car once you break that 500rwhp level its would be very difficult to get all that
power to the ground and traction can become a real issue.

I have talked to a few people on some other forums that are over the 700hp mark and they enjoyed the car much more when it was at
a lower power level due to the difficult time they have with getting all that HP to the pavement. I guess there is a limit to everything.
Holy Moly, 700hp? Well it would be fun trying to get that power to the ground...unless you were in traffic. All I can say is baby steps. I'm sure the Vette will seem slow some day and then I will want more, until then, I can enjoy reading about the higher horse cars on here.

Two questions, what level of power can you get to and still maintain reliability with easy starting and driving in stop and go traffic and not shorten the life of your engine? And, at what horsepower level does wheel hop become a huge issue? When do you have to start becoming really concerned about the rest of your drive train?
Sorry guys. Keep bringing back old threads but find a lot of interesting stuff.:D

I can honestly say that I've loved all my rides from cheap POS's to the high end rides I've had that I don't really deserve.
There's something about driving a car that brings good stuff out of me.

I have a hunch this new GS with bring some good stuff out of me too. Just hope not to attract too much attention with our local constabulary tho.

Horsepower? Yeah: too much is just enough. Like Manny says "there's no limit".:D

What we actually can use -- well that's another story. Sure is nice to know it's there if you need it tho.

I'm also amazed at the prospects of mid 30's mpgs potential on the hwy with this kind of performance. That's pretty amazing.
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