Jan 30, 2009
Acton Ontario
2006 Vert
Hey Gang in these tough economic times networking with your friends and acquaintances can sometimes yield positive results for everyone.

The Idea of this thread is to introduce yourself and your profession. Or someone you know that could possibly be of some help next time you go to purchase an item, Be it a car an appliance, fix your plumbing, whatever the case may be.

This idea worked quite well on another forum. So I figured why not try it here.

This is by no means a way to get free advertising. This is just an idea that could help everyone by helping each other.:Canada:

I will start this thread by introducing myself.

Mark Fulton: Technical Specialist SECO Tools.
Western GTA. and Near North Ontario.
Sales and Implementation of High end cutting tool solutions.:canada:
Good idea Mark... my info below:

Aamir Ali, P.Eng.
Program Manager, Automotive Industry

Also own and operate my own business in home inspections. More info here www.acornhome.com

I offer a SIGNIFICANT discount for fellow Vette owners or their referrals. :)
Riley Phillips

Mechanical engineering student (last year!)
I know nothing....yet
Great idea

Paul Cunha

Finance Manager, Automotive Industry (Parkway Honda)

Need a new or a used Honda let me know get you a great deal for forum members.
Sounds good...

Tony Palombi
Project Controls/Business Manager
Bantrel Constructors
Shell Upgrader Expansion 1
Mike Schmidt
I program and operate a CNC, that cuts and profiles granite countertops! We deal mostly in exotic granites, from all over the world.
I'm Corrado,
People pay me to paint pictures on walls!:D
(I sometimes do the odd Corvette hoodliner as well, when time permits.)
I think this is a great idea...

Brent Robinson

Own a Stone & Stucco & Tile company. Cathedral Stone
Build Spec houses and presolds.
Own retail auto parts disributuion company.
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LOL...ok my turn

Rodrigo Rodriguez
Patch Plant Operator
Mini MIx Concrete Saskatoon
Part time Bottle Picker(i have to make money some how), full time Corvette enthusiast

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Great idea since I'm currently looking for a new job!

I've got 17 years of experience doing image retouching and color correction in Photoshop, most recently I worked for Transcontinental Media for the the past 8 years, working on magazines like Elle, Canadian Living, Style at Home, The Hockey News, Homemakers, More, Canadian Gardening, Outdoor Canada, Canadian Home Workshop and a few others. Transcontinental announced on February 18th that they were cutting 10% of their workforce in North America, and I was one of the unlucky 1500 that lost their jobs that day.

So if anyone knows anybody in the publishing business, or the printing pre press industry, let me know! I'm also curious to know if my Photoshop skills could be used in other forms of media like television or moviemaking, so if any of you know anyone in that business that I could contact, that would be awesome!
We sell technology for highways. Surveillance equipment for vehicle access control, scales and weigh in motion for commercial vehicles.

---> We will weigh Rod and his concrete trucks to make sure they are not over the limit destroying the pavement!!! (making potholes) so we can drive our Vettes

Watch out Rod~! :rofl:
I own a Collection Agency, if I tell you who I know they would be very mad at me.
I own a Machine Shop.
I also work in the Natural Gas Industry.
Great idea,

David Lynch, P. Eng.
Project Manager
School Board in the GTA

I watch others build schools.

Past life: Recent Graduate, Queen's U, '71 Mech Eng.
Dalen Everson

Power Lineman
City of Red Deer, Electric Light & Power

Construction and Maintaince of High voltage power lines and substations,
Keeping the lights on in Red Deer!!!
Dennis Ahola

-Industrial Education Teacher (Auto Tech, Metalwork, Carpentry/Joinery)

-Draftsman (Architectural, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, & Civil)

-still teaching 1/2 time (Auto Tech) even though I "retired"(ya, sure!) in 2006

-I manufacture spine-boards on an as-needed basis for a safety supply distributor in Vancouver.

-hardware junkie and car addict :driving:

-President 2007-2009 Rotary Club of Chemainus
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