We sell technology for highways. Surveillance equipment for vehicle access control, scales and weigh in motion for commercial vehicles.

---> We will weigh Rod and his concrete trucks to make sure they are not over the limit destroying the pavement!!! (making potholes) so we can drive our Vettes

Watch out Rod~! :rofl:

LOL...you have no idea!!!!
Helicopter Quality Assurance Inspector for a large European based parent company (no.1 worldwide at the moment), 38 years & counting in aviation,all helicopters.Did the North Pole thing in a tent camp in the mid 70s (in the winter),to the jungles of the Congo (Zaiire) later the same year.Licensed on light to heavy transport category helicopters,plus component overhaul certified & structural/major modifications licensed.Basically, it's a hobby where I get to build 1:1 scale toys for rich boys (and ladies too!).Downside=ZERO mistakes allowed, mechanically & on paper.
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