Mar 14, 2014
What Brand Of Wax Do You Use For Your Toy ...

With So Many Brands On The Market ...

Would Be Interested In Finding Out, What Brand Of Wax That You Use On Your Baby ....
I have been using the synthetic Ice wax. Leaves no white residue or white spots and can be used on plastic lenses as well. As for application, just spray on and wipe off. A little expensive but worth every penny.
Not technically a wax but I have Zaino and Rejex waiting to be used. Funny thing is wax has never touched the surface of my car ever but it still beads like it was waxed yesterday....
I will do something this year as the paint is starting to feel rough....

rough..... then clay bar first.

Just picked up mothers clay bar & Meguiars NXT tech wax 2.0...... Now just need time
Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover, Finishing Glaze and Sealant three step process every year before storage!
Every time I visit Canadian tire, I am baffled by the amount of products out there. I tried a turtle wax product meant for black cars. I don't like it. Maybe I will mooch some zaino off Riley when I see him next.
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