Be sure to post up some pics of that bad boy when she's done.

What colour is she going to be?

Have a sister-in-law in Kingston -- can't wait to get back down that way this spring. I know your area quite well having lived in Smiths Falls in my early years.

It was originally silver. It is going to be silver again but a bit darker. The guy doing the work is going above and beyond what I expected...he wants to use the car on his web site and advertise using some pics of it.
Let me know when you get down to Kingston. I live about 20 km north of the city out in the "woods".

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Getting your car out of body shop prison, should put a BIG smile on your face. This doesn't sound like a prison with the way the guy is treating your car. More like a spa for cars, but you know what I mean. The wait seems like forever. Over the years, from our old COPO chevelle on, we have had five silver vehicles including our present Corvette. We love the colour for looks and practicality.
Our oldest daughter and her family live at Sydenham north of Kingston. Perhaps the three of us could meet up some time down there. There is a route east from Stirling to Sydenham that parallels 401 and highway 7. It's a nice drive without the mad rush of the main highways. With neat cars and being retired, getting there is not so much the priority as it is about the enjoyable drive itself that matters.
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I warned the guy doing my car once we hit double digit temperatures I would become a pain in the butt. He has taken it all very well.
Sydenham is in my back yard, we will definitely have to get together.

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