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Jan 27, 2009
Richmond, B.C.
Well, I did it again !!!!!!
I bought something from the US, and they used UPS to ship to my house.

I just bought 2 new helmets for my wife and me, from Helmetman in California.
Price was very good.... $145 each (US) for open-faced helmets.
Considering all we are doing now is autocross, these are perfect for that.
Shipping option (cheapest) was quoted as UPS for $32 (to my postal code).
This seemed too good to be true.
So I checked with the company (Helmetman), and they said that is what they would charge for shipping UPS as per their UPS guide.
So I did it.

Tuesday they arrived (very quick service).
UPS presented me with a bill for $99.05.
I asked "what for ?" (knowing full well what it was for).
He said "Taxes (GST @ 5%, PST @ 7%), plus "Brokerage fees" plus GST.
Now I know taxes are invariably inevitable, so they would be about $40.
So that makes the "Brokerage Fee" about $50 or so.

I used to own parts business, and made MANY trips to the US, bringing parts over the border, and did the "Brokerage". I know just how much effort is required. It certainly is NOT $50 for a shipment such as this.

Friggin' UPS does this to Canadians ALL THE TIME !!!!

But, it was my own fault.... I know how they operate.

I could have had the goods shipped to my Washington state drop-off,
drove down to get the goods after they arrived (10 minute drive),
filled up with cheaper gas, brought the goods back over the border,
and probably would not have had to pay the tax (CBSA people are quite
lenient when declaring only $300 or so), and would not have had any "Brokerage Fees".

/rant off
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I like the saying UPS - Use Purolator Stupid (no offence intended). They are just a horrible company and no amount of bashing seems to have any influence at all. The problem is that in many cases there is no option. The only shipping box to tick of is "UPS". I have found that if you get them to ship with the post office it seems to work much better, many will not however.

Sorry for the rip off. Don't you just hate throwing money away?
I've had the very same experience any time I've had items shipped across the border with UPS. I always try to opt for USPS and if I can't use USPS, it really does make me reconsider my order. It's just a money grab and it is frustrating.
You can only use UPS if it doesn't cross a border. Every time I want to buy something in the U.S. I have it ship to the border and I pick it up. USPS fees aren't to bad if they cross the border but UPS:eek: The few times I did this HUGE MISTAKE, I received a bill for taxes and fees 2 or 3 months later. It's a pita when these was parts where to fix a customer's car and the bill is close since, I was stuck with those fees.:swear:
I simply tell a company that if they can't send it by mail that I won't be ordering it. Sometimes a company will go out of their way to mail it to make the sale... especially (I expect) if business is slow.
BTW the post office seems to somehow get their deliveries through customs for a flat rate of $5.00.
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