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Oct 10, 2016
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Alberta and 1010tire can be used to find wheels & tires for a specific vehicle.

Although it was a tough vehicle to find options for ...
I just finished using these sites to find wheels for a LTZ & Premier Chevy Trax which is a factory 18" wheel 7" wide.
I was also able to use specific wheel manufacturer websites like HELO to find wheels that can be put on.
It was a lot of screen time and found and purchased 18"x8" wide wheels and installed the
new Bridgestone Driveguard (runflat) 245/45 rubber in place of factory 215/55 (as I struggled to find reasonably priced 7" wide wheels).
Tire fit turned out awesome - who knew a Chevy Trax could look a bit more "bad a$$". But I stop there - its my Wife's & Daughter's Driver.

As you first input your Corvette Configuration, search for wider wheels and then rubber options for a wheel.
Keep the factory wheels and just search for non-OEM rubber and they might have wider rubber to suggest.
it may be that these resources will not recommend wider tires as Corvette Choices are perhaps rather specific without other changes being made.
I see Helo says "you got a Corvette, next in line please ..."

When found then price compare everywhere. The time is good right now as I found rebates and incentives everywhere.
Best of Fortune :thumbs:
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