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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good evening gentlemen!

First can you identify the title as a lyric from a song??

My battery is toast! Of course maybe C6's are hard on their battery. Now imagine trying to find a nice Optima Yellowtop in this neck of the woods. Available on order - the 620 CCA for $350! 2 hours away in GP I can get the next size up for $307, but not sure when I'll be in GP next. I recalled seeing an Optima in town (at the farm supply store!!) and indeed it was still there. but an Optima Redtop, 800 CCA. A 3 year warrenty and "only" $200 so I decided to go for it and we'll see how it lasts.

It turned out to be a tight fit, a bit taller and at the moment I can't use the clamp that was in the battery box to hold it in place. It is a bit of a bigger battery so I don't think it will be sliding around much though. I'm looking forward to seeing if the battery will last longer than 4 days before it gets run down to the point where the car has to be boosted.............

Oddly met a neightbour at the till. I knew he was a car nut and on rare occasion would see one of the garage bay doors open. He has one of those nice double lift thingies and I spied an old Challenger there. So I hear he had a Corvette and it was true. But he couldn't tell me what type it was (C2 or C4 or what) but it is a 2003 50th Anniversary. He has some pre 70's Firebirds and Camero's too. I must stop by as if you can imagine he is just 2 1/2 miles away from me!

He said, I thougth sadly, that he only drives the C5 two or three times a year which I thought was sad................

Anyway harvest has started, canola is all swathed and we took samples of wheat yesterday but it ranged from 19 to 24% which is tough so we'll let it stand for a while yet...........

Hope everyone is well!!


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Perhaps I am just fortunate. The original battery in our 2005 was replaced in 2012 with a new Delco just before we bought the car. 7 years on the Delco battery and that is about typical for the life I get out of them. If it makes any difference, I park the car in reverse with the park brake on and have no problem with run down battery so far.....knock on wood. During the summer, the car never sits more than three or four days without going somewhere. In the winter the C-Tek maintainer is used.
With harvest under way, you won't have time to be driving much for a while. The farm I grew up on was nothing the scale that you have but still, when it is harvest time, it is harvest time. The crop doesn't wait.
Good morning,

I should pilfer dad's clamp meter and throw it over the battery cable and see if that indeed results in no current being drawn. Reverse with the park brake on, I'll try that today as the forcast is for showers on Sunday, rain on Monday and, gulp, possibly snow and rain on Tuesday! Oh well, Mother Nature eh!

I thought it was Neil Young myself but perhaps the Tyson's also recorded it??

Another Neil Yong favorite is "In the field of opportunity it's plowing time again..........", not a whole lot of songs with farming lyrics anyway. Of course "The Farmer's Song" by Murray M. is always there too!!


Much nicer to learn it this way than to Google it!

Took the car to get my son at school yesterday. Always makes me smile when the kids stare and give compliments.

Parked as of yesterday 4:15 with park brake on and tranny in reverse. Weather coming up looks poor, two days of rain, possibly some snow and lows on three days below zero! I love experiments!


Good morning Riley,

Wow. The weather forecast on Saturday was for upcoming snow and rain so I decided there was no point in stewing about it at home so Mom, my gf and I took a quick trip to Edmonton on Sunday. Monday, oh ya - it snowed! How'd you like that Vince, Brian et al.?? It got worse on our way home and around Fox Creek there was up to 4 inches. But then it broke and there was no snow at home and it had only rained 1/10". Still cold, highs of 2 to 4 degrees and last night a skiff of snow here. Not great for harvest but the upcoming forecast is for highs back above 20 on the weekend. Still it will take a while to dry enough to get a combine out.

I was surprised I saw a C6 Z51 on the road to PR yesterday.

I too am hopeful that the RedTop will work well. I'm not sure when I'll try to start the Z06 for testing purposes, maybe in a a day or two.

Happily, if I never told the story of Mom's Nissan Frontier having an engine failure back in February and Dad stonewalling doing anything about it, I got a used engine sent up from Barrhead and they will be installing it starting this Friday or Monday and mom will have her red truck mobile once again. Now why Dad delayed in doing this for 7 months eludes me..............


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Good morning Riley,

I just went out............and it STARTED!

Wow that is like 8 days! Crazy as the old battery was toast after 4 days normally.

While not a real issue I wonder if:

1)it started as it was in reverse with the park brake on?
2)it was a brand new battery with 800 CCA instead of 620?
3) a combination of 1 and 2?

Going to try to combine wheat in celebration!!


Good morning Vince,

Wheat fields all done as of last night, 4 canola fields to go starting today I hope. Weather looks good for us to get it all done.

Stripper header worked great and I canola wait to seed into that tall stubble in the spring. It looks like I'll have the time to get the coulters mounted on the airdrill yet this fall................

Glad I never changed my windshield from the Ponoka meet, met a semi and am now sporting a toonie sized iimpact mark................

Battery was dead after about two plus weeks of sitting.

Enjoying daily drives the past three days though............


Good afternoon Vince,


Odd the difference in opinion. Mom and I told each other this was the best harvest ever and Dad was telling mom this morning that he thought this was our worst harvest ever. A bit of a difference in point of view there.

Yields sucked but all in the bins or in trucks. Have to dry the wheat from the first two fields yet - the electric fan motor ailed after 12 years the first time we went to dry. The new motor arrived and dad and I will install it this afternoon and roll on with that job.

Hard to complain. At least after 3, week long periods of brutal heat during the growing season that basically f'ed up the crops here it continued into fall and just gave us about 12 days of 7 to 12 degrees above normal.

I did the last few acres this morning and the forecast is calling for showers tonight and tomorrow morning and rain on Friday. Which would also be more normal for this time of year. Still next 5 or 6 days 4 to 6 degrees warmer than normal which is 14 above, lows of 2.

Still hoping that there will be five more weeks without snow..............time for runs and seat time in the Z06..............

As if the great news couldn't end, got an offer finally on my house and I think I'm going to accept it and be done with that and look for another piece of land to buy to replace it. The Greeks were right when they said "The Gods look after the fools". I'm living proof!!!!!!


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