Jan 15, 2024
2002 Corvette
Hey there, I have a 2002 C5 Corvette Automatic. A couple weeks ago I was putting in an aftermarket stereo in the car and whilst doing that the battery died so I jumped the car and it started up no problem, a couple days after that i received a code saying charge system fault. So I just replaced the battery today since the battery was over 4 years old thinking it would solve the issue. But now with the new battery in the car will crank and start but immediately shut off within about a second. All of the connections on the starter look good and the alternator tested fine. It seems like the security system is possibly not allowing the car to stay on. (The car did start and drive after about 2 hours of messing with it and just letting the starter crank for about 20-30 seconds but now the car is off again and is having the same issue it was having) I’m kind of lost on what it could be. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
My son just put a set of long tubes on his C5 and when he was done he had the same problem. It would start and die right away. It ended up being a ground wire in the engine bay that he forgot to reinstall. As soon as he did the car was fine. The C5 has 9 grounding locations total on the car. I would start by checking them first. Good luck!
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