No, no rebuild yet, still trying to figure out if what I am feeling in the shifts are idiosyncracies of the T-56 or if it actually has problems. I know the history of the car and so doubt very much that it was abused. However I still sometimes have trouble getting into second, and it has jumped out of 6th the odd time, on the hiway.

Let's put it this way, I think it should be shifting better than it is, especially after driving my neighbor's BMW. That car is no effort to shift, the 'Vette can be a bit of a bear.

The other thing is, this manual helps to identify a couple of things, one of which is I will not be pulling the tranny or rebuilding it by myself. I don't have a press, I don't have a clean room, and I probably don't have a bearing puller such as the one pictured.

Second, I don't have the requisite skills to do it, so wouldn't even try. Not on a car as pristine as this one.
what happened? I thought you'd rebuilt that one already???

I blew my Differential up in 4th gear around 100mph at the track in Edmonton, So I took my trans apart and checked everything out make sure it was alright and didn't bend a tail shaft. I got lucky! broke a small chunk of the trans case out where the differential bolts up.

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