Hi Alexmartinez,

Thats a question that your retailer/manufacturer of the aftermarket accessories should be able to answer for you.

I would strongly recommend getting the original side skirts and splitter kit added on your factory order on the CFZ/CFV package ($3295). Adding it as an OEM part after the fact will cost you over $10000 + installations + applicable taxes -- and we arent even sure if they will fit on the Z51.

I know because I had it priced for a customer last week who wanted to add the Z06 carbon fibre ground effects package on his Z51 which is currently on order.

FYI the ground effects package includes front bumper splitter, side skirts/rockers and a "more agressive" rear spoiler.

Prices for the individual OEM parts for the Z06 are as follows:

Front Bumper Splitter -- $ 3289.60 + tax
Left Skirt/Rocker -- $ 2076.67 + tax
Right Skirt/Rocker -- $ 2076.67 + tax
Upgraded Rear Spoiler -- price not available but estimated around $ 3000 + tax

So over $10000 + tax + installation. The $3295 + tax is a steal in comparison IMO.

Best of luck!
Alex I think if you check on the other CF forum in the U.S. you will find a lot of vendors now making these available for a reasonable price. For instance, there is a Canadian vendor in Concord ON. making real carbon fiber splitter and side skirts available for $1,895 U.S.. There is still shipping and installation to deal with after that though.

If you order a stage 1 Z06 you can order the GM aftermarket parts to move the spoier to stage 3 for about $500 U.S.. This would be for the Carbon Flash version, like the OEM Z06 one.

I am not sure if the Z06 splitter and skirts can be fitted to both a C7 Stingray and Z06, you would have to check with the particular vendor.
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