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Jul 7, 2016
17 Grand Sport 3LT
Well guys....

It finally happened. First off, I didn't make a deal with Gateway, once again I was stranded with a dealer that told me that they had allocation for the vehicle of my choice when they really didn't, I was only told this after putting a deposit down. Man, I've had some bad luck with Chevy.
After being told "Just received confirmation that we can order your exact vehicle with Grand Sport option for next week!!" by someone from Gateway, I was told one week after putting a deposit down that they did not have allocation for it. At this point I was infuriated so I shared my frustration with them, them who told me that they had allocation for a Grand Sport and then all of a sudden had no idea as to when I would be getting my car.

I said screw it, I'm not going to be left hanging here I've already had enough with Georgian Chevy so after being told "You're not different from anyone else, if you want a car immediately go buy one off the lot" by a contact at Gateway I said OK screw it - And that's exactly what I did.

The moment I was told to go buy one off the lot, I hunted everywhere, opened up every city in Ontario to see who would have the following:
2017 Grand Sport
Torch Red
STICK <-- This one was a challenge

I found so many of them, but all of them were automatic. Almost ready to give up I went into Guelph and say that Barry Cullen Chevy in Guelph had one in stock. One 2017 Torch Red 3LT Grand Sport Stick Corvette in stock. Feeling hopeless after having being talked down to again, I emailed them at 2am - Received a personalized response from a sales rep at 6:30am telling me he would call me at 9:00am. 9:01am he called me telling me that he had it in stock and that he was willing to work out a deal...

I wasn't rushed, there was thorough communication, immediate responses to my texts, phone calls, everything. They gave me exactly what I was looking for, for my Mustang. They played with the MSRP, gave me a $1000 in service or parts, and threw in a few other things.

I was excited but prepared to be disappointed and let down at this point. Wasted so much time driving to dealerships, putting deposits down, etc only to run into problems with delivery or be told that afterall that there was no allocation. I'm telling you, once these guys take a deposit the behavior does a drastic 180 and the level of service, response time plummets.

I reached out to Barry Cullen on Wednesday, April 12 at 2:00am - By 2:00pm on Thursday, I was in my car. Imagine that guys, reaching out to a dealer 2am and being in your car the next day at 2pm....Papers signed, plates transferred over, everything was completed. I'm still in disbelief here guys, I finally got my ride. Thank you Gateway for telling me to go buy one off the lot, that's exactly what I did. The car has 8km on it, I had them leave all the plastic on it, leave it dirty and unwashed so I could do all I wanted; They did exactly as I asked





















:higher:Soooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY to hear about this find of yours Toxix!
Your endurance has reaped such sweet benefit. This Awesome looking Grand Sport Corvette truly could never have any better owner ... Enjoy!
(and thank you for allowing us to ride this journey along with you ... I (we) feel every bit of it)
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:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs::thumbs::thumbs::thumbs::thumbs: Big Congratulations Toxix... Everyone of us can relate in some way to some part of your excitement and pumping heart over your car... Keep us up to date on your new love affair..... :Hurray:
If you head down into Niagara let me know. I will grab the camera, meet up with you and get you a set of shots for that car that will equal its beauty and character. I might even show you around a road or two that will help you to better understand her capabilities.
Toxix, awesome looking ride. I would love a Grand Sport... I am really happy to hear that things worked out for you. Once you get some seat time, I would love to hear your thoughts on the Mustang vs the Grand Sport.
Thank you everyone! Looking forward to meeting a number of you guys.
Love affair is a great term; I got the car with 8km on it, it now has 500-ish over the course of one weekend, I just could not keep my hands off it.

The Mustang vs GS would be a thread of its own, really. I have so much to share and say, I think I'll get started on that.

Nik, I need a good pic to get rid of the avatar, working on it!
:Cheers2:Congrats TOXIX! Isn't it a great feeling when a dealership does just what they should, treat you the customer like a customer! Here's to the end of the frustrating, searching days and hello to "I can't wait to go driving!" days.
Hi Toxix, Congratulations! You have a beautiful car! I can't wait to see it . It's so unfortunate that a Corvette enthusiast, trying to deal with GM dealerships, that Don't Get It!
I bet the Dealership Owner would not approve of such awful salesmanship.
What some of these people haven't learned is , bad reviews and customer experiences can cost the dealership a lot of money down the road.
Obviously the folks at Barry Cullen know that your positive experience will reward them with future business.
Enjoy your new ride !
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