1. RBMcD

    Recently Acquired due to Unfortunate Circumstances

    Hi All, As noted above I'm new to the Corvette scene due to some unfortunate (and sad) circumstances however excited to be part of this community. A bit of history, my brother-in-law always had a convertible for the summer months in Edmonton and in 2016 he picked up his dream car, a 2002 Black...
  2. Toxix

    Round 2 Reintroducing Myself Here - Toxix Gets A Vette!

    Well guys.... It finally happened. First off, I didn't make a deal with Gateway, once again I was stranded with a dealer that told me that they had allocation for the vehicle of my choice when they really didn't, I was only told this after putting a deposit down. Man, I've had some bad luck...
  3. Toxix

    New from Mississauga - Mustang to a Vette

    Hi all, I am hoping to be a Vette owner in the upcoming weeks. I'm coming from a 2014 Mustang GT and would like to finally move on up to a Vette and eventually a Z06. I'm after a 2017 2LT Z51! After 3 Mustangs, I'm Mustang'd out and want to move on up. Once the paperwork settles and the car...