grand sport

  1. WN Jeff

    Spy shots of Hybrid Corvette E-Ray Interior

    There are a lot of questions and out there regarding the future C8 Hybrid... Will it have a front-mounted electric motor similar to the 2020 BMW i8? Could Gm detune the engine slightly and use the E-Ray's electric motors to give it some serious power? Would GM consider going full ham on...
  2. Grand Sport C7 Coupe Windrestrictor  hatch up

    Grand Sport C7 Coupe Windrestrictor hatch up

    Red lighting, Flags with Grand Sport laser engraved text. Targa top
  3. Grand Sport WR

    Grand Sport WR

  4. Grand Sport WindRestrictor®

    Grand Sport WindRestrictor®

  5. Toxix

    Featured Toxix's Track Day - 2017 Grand Sport

    Just wanted to share some pictures and my experience with my 2017 Grand Sport at our local track here in Ontario. This car continues to impress me. I've always loved driving and pushing my cars to the limit (or as far as my ability will let me). Even with the Mustang I thoroughly enjoyed going...
  6. Toxix

    Round 2 Reintroducing Myself Here - Toxix Gets A Vette!

    Well guys.... It finally happened. First off, I didn't make a deal with Gateway, once again I was stranded with a dealer that told me that they had allocation for the vehicle of my choice when they really didn't, I was only told this after putting a deposit down. Man, I've had some bad luck...