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Jan 25, 2009
73 Corvette Coupe
I saw a C6 driving aound today and now I really want my car out and running. I might get it ready to go in the shop so when the yard dries up I can just go. Anyone else want to drive but stuck in the mud?

Hey Taylor, I feel your pain! If it makes you feel better, my car is stuck on an Acreage too!:rofl:
Ha Ha Ha. Little do you know I already took yours mudbogging. How do think I know it is too muddy!

Same here waitin for the streets to get cleaned here in B.C.:coolgleam:
You guys are nuts. Had the car out yesterday burned 1/4 tank of gas. Have it until at least saturday by the looks of things!

Most of the major streets here are clean of road mung... bone dry.

Going to give her a good wash on friday after work or sat morning.
Spent two hours cleaning the car today... after a week of driving everywhere in the car the only parts that were dirty was the rear of the car. The front of the car didn't have a spec of dust.
Beauty. Those are perfect conditions for the car. Especially since there are no bugs yet!
"No Bugs" is very nice.........had mine out everyday for the last week and not one bug!!
Oh what a feeling!!! +12C here today in central AB. so off came the top and yet another awesome drive. They say sask. weather is on its way here...........hope not.....you guys keep it............ were having toooooooo much fun!!!
I have wanted to drive mine for a while but with no seats it would be hard,
just got the new covered seats back
from Manny and will have them installed shortly with some new pics too.
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